Committee to Develop College Halls Programmatic Vision

Charge: In support of Vanderbilt's Academic Strategic Plan, the university is moving forward with building out the residential College Halls to enhance the undergraduate experience. As new buildings are constructed and new land use plans are discussed for our campus community via FutureVU, this committee is charged to review and revise the programmatic goals of the College Halls for sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Vanderbilt.

Committee Members:


  • Vanessa Beasley, Chair, associate professor of communication studies, College of Arts and Science; dean, The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons
  • Alyssa Hasty, professor, molecular physiology and biophysics, School of Medicine; associate dean for faculty development of the basic sciences, School of Medicine; Faculty Head, Murray House, The Ingram Commons
  • Sarah Igo, associate professor, history; director, American Studies, College of Arts and Science
  • Christopher Loss, associate professor, public policy and higher education, Peabody College
  • Nilanjan Sarkar, professor, mechanical engineering; professor, chemical engineering, School of Engineering


  • Frank Dobson, associate Dean of Students; leader, Student Center for Social Justice and Identity; member, Chancellor's Committee of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Faculty Head, Gillette House, The Ingram Commons
  • Natalee Erb, assistant director of student initiatives, Office of the Dean of The Ingram Commons
  • Traci Ray, director, Residential Education, Warren and Moore Colleges, Living-Learning Communities