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Spring 2015 Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Violence

students on campus

Vanderbilt University is committed to eliminating all forms of sexual misconduct and power-based personal violence on our campus. We have had focused discussions with students, faculty and staff in which we have listened to and learned from all members of our campus community, and made clear how seriously we take these issues and all we are doing to address them. We want these discussions to continue.

As part of this effort, in spring 2015 Vanderbilt surveyed undergraduate, graduate and professional students about sexual misconduct and power-based personal violence on campus, how incidents are reported, and what resources and support services are available. For this survey, the university randomly assigned students to one of two survey instruments, which were developed by external companies EAB and EverFi. Two different surveys were used to determine which instrument would generate the more robust response from our students.

The survey results will inform the university's response to the serious problems of sexual misconduct and other forms of power-based personal violence that are impacting our campus and other campuses across the country. We hope all members of the Vanderbilt community will review the survey results to gain further insight into the role we all can and must play in maintaining a safe campus environment.

We expect the climate survey to be just one important part of our larger continuing effort to collaborate with students, faculty and staff to address these vital issues. Information on Vanderbilt's policies and resources relating to sexual misconduct and power-based personal violence can be found at the Project Safe Center website, as well as the Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services website.