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About the Provost Office

As the chief academic officer for Vanderbilt University, the provost has broad responsibility over academic, student and faculty affairs, and manages the development and implementation of academic policies and procedures. The provost is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the university's academic strategic plan.

Specifically, the following areas fall within the provost domain:

  • Admissions and Enrollment

  • Academic Affairs

  • Student Services

  • Learning and Residential Experiences

  • Faculty Affairs

  • Research Support

  • Institutional Research

Full list of the provost areas of responsibility. 

The Office of the Provost works closely with the chancellor and other vice chancellors to fulfill the university's mission. 

  • Embrace the benefits of broad-based liberal education within a highly active research environment;

  • Promote values of scholarship, leadership, and collegiality in the pursuit of excellence in discovery and service within an engaged living-learning campus community;

  • Educate the whole student to prepare each to be active citizens that engage, question and forge positive change in our world;

  • Foster an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, providing all qualified undergraduate students with equal access to a Vanderbilt education regardless of socio-economic status; and to
  • Leverage  One Vanderbilt , a uniquely synergistic collection of 10 colleges and schools on a geographically central university campus.