The Initiative for Personalized Microbial Discovery and Innovation


Microbial DiscoveryType: Vanderbilt Reinvestment Award (ViA)

From drug-resistant pathogens to therapeutic probiotics, microorganisms (‘microbes’) dramatically impact all human life, and a deeper understanding of human-microbe relationships will generate new therapies to improve health and treat infections. However, just as every human individual is profoundly unique, so too is there tremendous diversity among the microbes that reside within our bodies, both beneficial commensals and detrimental pathogens that cause infections. This program addresses this critical area for trans-institutional learning, interfacing experts from across the university with existing resources for personalized medicine and science. By championing pilot projects and fostering a collaborative community, this program strives to generate both knowledge and technologies from the unique microbes of individual women and men.

Faculty Participants

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School of Medicine (Clinical)

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  • James Blumstein, University Professor of Constitutional Law and Health Law and Policy

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