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Digital Commons Job Openings

Job Opening: Assistant Director

[This search is now closed.]

The Assistant Director of the Digital Commons will develop, coordinate, and provide programming and services to help Vanderbilt faculty members identify and learn to use digital technologies relevant to their research and teaching. The Assistant Director will collaborate with staff from the Digital Commons staff, other areas of the University Libraries, and from other campus academic technology units, to provide a robust set of faculty development offerings for Vanderbilt faculty and their research and teaching teams. The Assistant Director will have and share expertise in particular digital technologies useful for academic research, but will primarily work to connect faculty with relevant training and development resources at the Digital Commons and elsewhere on campus.

The Assistant Director will report to the Director of the Digital Commons and assist the director with faculty needs assessment, strategic planning for the Digital Commons, and communication and outreach.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Consult with faculty to help them identify digital technologies useful in their research and teaching, to connect them with resources for learning to use those technologies, and to train faculty in selected technologies directly
  • Plan and facilitate professional development events and resources for faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and others to help them learn new digital technologies for research and teaching, both for the entire campus and for particular units and departments
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other units on campus, including other groups within the Libraries, that provide faculty development offerings around digital technologies for faculty
  • Identify resources on campus for faculty development of digital skills both to support partnerships with other units and to connect faculty with the training resources they need
  • Conduct outreach and communications to faculty and staff on behalf of the Digital Commons and its partner units using a variety of digital mechanisms
  • Assist the director in short- and long-range strategic planning for the Digital Commons based on ongoing faculty needs assessments
  • Other duties as assigned

Note that applicants will need to submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and a list of references.