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Digital Commons

The Digital Commons is a new faculty development initiative from the Office of the Provost located in 1101 19th Avenue South alongside the new Faculty Commons. The mission of the Digital Commons is to equip Vanderbilt faculty with the skills they need to use digital technologies in their research and teaching.

The services and resources of the Digital Commons are available to all Vanderbilt faculty, including those employed by VU and VUMC.

Questions, comments, or suggestions about the Digital Commons? Please take a minute to respond to our interest form. Or reach out to us on Twitter, @VUDigitalCmns.

Digital Commons News

  • Interested in seeing what digital tools your colleagues are using in their research and teaching? Ready to roll up your sleeves and learn to use a particular technology? See our Events page for workshops, panels, and more.
  • We’ve launched the Digital Commons email newsletter. It’s a great way to find out about workshops, panels, and other opportunities at the Digital Commons and around campus. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Services and Resources

  • Exteriors of renovated 1101 19th Ave. S
    1101 19th Avenue South, home of the Digital Commons

    Not sure what digital tools might be useful in your teaching or research? Attend an event at the Digital Commons to learn about new tools, or schedule a consultation with Digital Commons staff.

  • Interested in learning how to use particular digital technologies in your teaching or research? The Digital Commons offers regular workshops on commonly used technologies, and Digital Commons staff are available for one-on-one training.
  • Need access to hardware or software for digital pedagogy or scholarship that you know how to use? The Digital Commons features two labs for faculty work, with staff nearby to assist with questions, as well as gear that can be loaned out.
  • Looking for a meeting space to host a talk, conversation, or working group on digital scholarship or pedagogy? Small and large event spaces are available for reservation at the Digital Commons.

Staff and Partners

Derek Bruff, interim director of the Digital CommonsThe interim director of the Digital Commons is Derek Bruff, assistant provost and executive director of the Center for Teaching. The Digital Commons expects to hire new staff in 2021, including an assistant director, a digital media specialist, and a digital imaging specialist.

The Digital Commons brings together multiple units that have a faculty development focus. Groups with a presence in the 1101 building include the Center for Teaching, the Vanderbilt Libraries, and the College of Arts & Science’s Center for Digital Humanities. Other campus partners are being identified, and all partners (on-site or otherwise) will play roles in Digital Commons programming and services.

Digital Labs

The Digital Commons features two two labs: a digital media lab staffed by the Center for Teaching and a digital imaging lab staffed by the Vanderbilt Libraries.

The Digital Media Lab will help faculty learn to create and use digital media in their teaching. The lab offers resources, training, and support in the following areas:

  • Video production – three 3K cameras, teleprompter, green screen, live streaming, and professional editing suite
  • Audio production – microphones, acoustically treated space, multi-track recording and editing software
  • Photography – DSLR camera with lighting kit and lightbox (for “product” photos)
  • Graphic design – Adobe Creative Suite, digital tablet and pen

The Digital Imaging Lab will help faculty learn to digitize 2D and 3D objects for use in research and teaching. The lab features the following resources:

  • Copystand – for taking high-res images of photographs and printed images from books and other media
  • Turntable scanner – for creating 3D digital models from physical objects
  • Overhead scanner – for scanning pamphlets, books, and other media

Questions, comments, or suggestions about the Digital Commons? Please take a minute to respond to our interest form.