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The Choi lab is looking for highly motivated postdoctoral fellows to study 1) gastric cancer precursor cell plasticity and 2) functional roles of sequential genetic mutations during gastric carcinogenesis.

Section of Surgical Sciences

The Choi Lab studies basic and pre-clinical research projects to understand mechanisms of carcinogenic transition in gastric carcinogenesis. The Choi Lab is a multiple (NCI and DOD) funded gastric cancer research laboratory and uses novel in vivo mouse models and in vitro dysplasia organoid models which are unique in the gastric cancer field.

We aim to define critical transition points which lead to neoplastic transitions for SPEM cells as the origin of gastric carcinogenesis. An understanding of regulatory mechanisms in cell plasticity and the ability to reverse such transitions could lead to therapeutic interventions to prevent gastric cancer.

I. We seek to assess functional properties of gastric cancer precursor cells during mucosal recovery or neoplastic progression following mucosal injury.

II. We seek to examine regulatory mechanisms of cell lineage diversification and conversion during metaplasia progression.

III. We will investigate molecular mechanisms driving cell linage diversification and clonal evolution of dysplastic stem cells to adenocarcinoma.

Successful candidates:

1. A PhD degree in cell/stem cell biology or cancer biology

2. Experience with transgenic mouse models required

3. Experience with scRNA-seq and/or ATAC-seq strongly encouraged

4. A track record of original publications, with at least one first authored scientific publication

5. Strong communication skills in English, oral and written

Eunyoung Choi
: (615) 322-0775
2022-07-31 22:31:22

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