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Position Detail

Postdoctoral position to study cardiac biology and neurocardiology

Clinical Pharmacology

Our lab studies molecular mechanisms of heart failure and sudden cardiac death. We are specifically focused on how the brain controls the heart in normal and pathological conditions. Interestingly the heart has a brain of its own as well. In acute stressful situations, the heart signals the brain to send support and impart protection via complex mechanisms. Chronic stress, however, injures the myocardium. The protective mechanism fails as heart-brain communication is disrupted. Our goal is to enhance and modulate heart-brain communication to augment the intrinsic protective mechanisms and develop them as therapies for heart failure and sudden death. We use interdisciplinary approaches to understand physiology and develop therapies for pathophysiology.

Application Details 

We are seeking qualified, motivated PhD/MD graduates from any of the following disciplines- biological science, neuroscience, pharmacology or related fields. You should have experience in cardiac physiology, electrophysiology, basic cellular/molecular biology/biochemistry, and not to mention statistics. Basic knowledge in python/Matlab/R or advanced excel is preferred. 

Application Instructions: Please send a CV, summary of research interests, and contact information to

Swati Dey
: (615) 875-5467
2022-07-15 15:22:44

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