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Postdoc in nutrient sensing and inositol metabolism


Greetings! My lab has an open postdoc position to study how inositol phosphate metabolism impacts glucose homeostasis and aging in cellular models.

We recently confirmed that glucose metabolism can shunt metabolic intermediates into inositol phosphate homeostasis, however we have discovered this occurs in a very robust manner in particular human and rat cell lines, which have not been examine in this way before. We also have data connecting TORC1 to this pathway, with important implications on cellular aging.

The ideal candidate will need to have an interest in helping others in the lab and have skills in mammalian cell culture, molecular biology, have attention to detail and willing to work with complex cell line models of human disease. Experience with or eagerness to learn assays in cell based hallmarks of aging and complex multivariate experimental analyses is ideal.

If you're doubting your fit, I encourage you to apply! I have many other projects in you might be a great fit for... If you don't ask, you don't get!

Thank you!

Ray Blind and Lucia Rameh-Plant

Please send your CV to

Ray Blind
2022-05-23 18:25:49

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