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The Tansey Laboratory at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is recruiting post-doctoral fellows for multiple NCI-funded projects to study the mechanisms of action of the MYC family of oncoprotein transcription factors. The long-term goals of this work are to understand the actions of MYC on chromatin and its interaction with tumor-critical transcriptional co-factors, and to leverage these discoveries to develop new ways of targeting MYC in the clinic.

Cell and Developmental Biology

The Tansey laboratory has a long standing singular focus on MYC, one of the most important oncogenic drivers in human cancer. There is broad agreement that targeting MYC could form the basis of broadly effective anti-cancer therapies, yet MYC itself is undruggable. The premise of our work is that a detailed mechanistic understanding of MYC is the fuel that will propel MYC into the druggable universe. We use state of the art molecular, genetic, genomic, and proteomic approaches, together with sophisticated in vivo mouse models, to expose and validate novel and actionable vulnerabilities in the MYC network. Current research in the laboratory is divided into three areas, each devoted to a specific MYC cofactor—WDR5, HCF-1, and the SWI/SNF chromatin remodeler. Recent publications in eLife (PMID: 33416496), Cell Reports (PMID: 33472061), PNAS (PMID: 31767764), and Nature Communications (PMID: 31043611) illustrate our approaches and current project trajectories. More information about the laboratory environment and our current research efforts is available at

Candidates should have a PhD with training in molecular and/or cell biology, innate curiosity, and a strong sense of ambition. Please send a current CV, including names of referees, to

William Tansey
: (615) 322-1993
2022-01-27 19:25:27

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