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Postdoctoral Position in studies of extracellular vesicles and nanoparticles

Epithelial Biology Center

An immediate opening for a postdoctoral position exists at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the field of extracellular vesicles and nanoparticles. A major focus of the lab is colorectal cancer, but applicants interested in other cancers are welcome to apply. The lab has optimized methods to isolate small extracellular vesicles (including exosomes), exomeres and supermeres, a new nanoparticle the lab has identified (Zhang Q, Jeppesen DK, Higginbotham JN, et al. Nat Cell Biol, 2021). Goals include refining methods of isolation (including miniaturization of assays) and exploring the biology and clinical relevance of the many cargo that have been identified by comprehensive proteomics and RNA sequencing. Multiple in vitro and in vivo models exist in the lab to pursue this work. Experience working in small teams and the ability to apply leadership and independent management skills are important. Long-term funding is secure, along with competitive salary and fringe benefits.

Those interested should contact Bob Coffey at

Robert Coffey
: (615) 343-6228
2021-12-15 20:58:22

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