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The projects available in the lab include probing the role of mitochondrial metabolism in physiology and age-related diseases.

Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

In the area of mitochondrial metabolism we are interested in:
- Examining the mechanisms by which mitochondrial sirtuins regulate adipose development and organismal health.
- Identifying new metabolic mechanisms involved in tumor formation, chemoresistance and metastasis.

Research, 70%
The successful candidate will work with the PI to develop and drive the direction of the project. The candidate will also have the opportunity to collaborate within the department as well as with the broader metabolism community. 

Professional development, 30%
• Engaging in the opportunities and experiences that are required for the candidate to successfully transition to the next stage in their scientific career
• Mentoring graduate and undergraduate students
• Attending seminars, conferences, and other scientific educational opportunities
• Writing fellowships (e.g. F32, K99, AACR, etc.)
• Writing primary manuscripts and literature reviews

• PhD in cancer biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, or related field.

Relevant Experience:
• Expertise in mammalian cell culture techniques including generation of cell lines and assays assessing basic cancer phenotypes (migration, proliferation, etc.).
• Experience in microscopy and cell imaging techniques (fluorescence microscopy).
• Experience in animal studies.
• Experience in bioinformatics.
• Experience in mitochondrial biology/metabolomics.
• Experience in molecular biology and biochemistry (protein purification, cloning, immunohistochemistry).
• Demonstrated track record of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

For additional information refer to our publications.

To apply, email Elma Zaganjor the following:

1. A cover letter stating research interests
2. A current CV
3. Contacts info for 2-3 references

Elma Zaganjor, PhD
2020-09-09 15:58:01

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