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The Choi Lab studies basic and pre-clinical research projects to understand mechanisms of carcinogenic transition in gastric carcinogenesis. The Choi Lab is a multiple (NCI and DOD) funded gastric cancer research laboratory and uses novel in vivo mouse models and in vitro organoid models which are unique in the gastric cancer field.

Section of Surgical Sciences

The Choi Lab is seeking a highly motivated, recent PhD or MD/PhD graduate to participate in gastric cancer research.

Available projects
I. We seek to understand the biology of gastric carcinogenesis and oncogenic roles of Kras activation in the stomach and to assess functional roles of other oncogenic genes as master regulators of carcinogenic transformation during gastric carcinogenesis.

II. We seek to evaluate whether populations of pre-neoplastic cancer stem cells exist in organoids derived from human metaplastic and dysplastic mucosa and determine the heterogeneity and plasticity of the GCSCs present in the metaplastic stage as well as in the dysplastic stage. We will also examine the effects of MEK inhibitor in GCSCs to address the possible efficacy of MEK inhibitor therapy on these stem cells. 

Specific techniques for these studies include 
Animal surgical techniques, Single cell RNA sequencing, 3D organoid culture, Live cell/organoid microscopy and Multiplex fluorescence imaging and analysis.
Common techniques include
Molecular biology, cell biology and Confocal fluorescence microscopy.

Successful candidates:
1. A PhD degree in cell/stem cell biology or cancer biology
2. A track record of original publications, with at least one first authored scientific publication
3. Experience with mouse transgenic models
4. Strong communication skills in English, oral and written
5. One or two first-author peer-reviewed publications

If interested, please contact Eunyoung Choi with a full CV, three references, earliest start date and a statement with career goal and research experience.


Eunyoung Choi, PhD
2020-09-01 11:14:45

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