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The Hughey Lab is seeking exceptional individuals to join the team. NIH-funded positions are available to start immediately.

Biomedical Informatics

We’re looking for someone who is hard-working, eager to learn, and not afraid to make mistakes. The successful applicant will shape the research directions and the culture of the lab. Strong postdoctoral candidates will have either:

  • a PhD in a quantitative / computational field and experience with biological data
  • a PhD in the biological sciences and a strong quantitative background

The focus of the lab is using computation (machine learning, data science, etc.) to quantify and understand biological systems related to human health and disease. Ongoing projects range from transcriptome analysis of circadian rhythms to finding interactions between medications and laboratory tests in electronic health records.

The lab has a rich set of collaborators, including experimental biologists, clinical researchers, and statisticians. The lab is part of the Department of Biomedical Informatics, the Department of Biological Sciences, and the Vanderbilt Center for Precision Medicine. For more information, visit the Hughey lab website.  

To apply, please send the following to Jake Hughey:

  • A description of your interest in the lab and the type of projects you would like to pursue.
  • One paper and one piece of code of which you are the primary author and that highlight your skills as a scientist, along with 1-2 sentences explaining your selections. Links to publicly available materials are fine.
  • Up-to-date CV.
  • Names and contact information of 2-3 references.
Jake Hughey, PhD
2019-04-10 14:35:50

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