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Postdoctoral position in a Cancer Biology Laboratory working in cell signaling, transcriptional regulation, host-tumor interactions, and inflammatory regulation in GI tract cancers.

Surgical Sciences

A postdoctoral research position is available in the laboratory jointly led by Drs. Anna Means and R. Daniel Beauchamp. The lab is focused on the biology of GI tract cancers, primarily colorectal cancer and the molecular events and host-tumor interactions that result in tumor initiation, tumor progression and metastasis. Our most recent work has identified an important role for TGF-beta canonical signaling through SMAD4 in controlling intestinal epithelial cell inflammatory responses, linking the tumor suppressor role of SMAD4 to its anti-inflammatory function. Ongoing work in this project seeks to determine the biochemical and molecular mechanisms involved in this regulation with the goal of identifying potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets to improve the treatment of GI tract malignancies. The lab utilizes multiple complementary approaches to these biological questions that include organoid cell culture, mouse models of cancer, human tissue studies, immunophenotyping, biochemical analyses, comprehensive NGS omics analyses including single cell analyses, ChIPseq, ATACseq and computational biology. Our research is generously supported by endowment funds and NIH grant funding.

Qualifications for the position:
• A PhD or MD degree 
• A track record of original publications, with at least one first authored scientific publication
• A working knowledge of bioinformatics and biostatistical analytical tools, including the R 
biostatistical software
• Experience with murine models and organoid cultures is desirable
• Eligibility for a position on an NIH training grant: either US citizenship or green card holder is desirable
• Strong communications skills and ability to work collaboratively within a diverse interdisciplinary group
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a laboratory team
• An interest in teaching and mentoring

Please contact Robert Daniel Beauchamp, MD, and/or Anna L. Means, PhD, to apply for this position. 

Please apply with a CV, at least three professional references and a letter from the applicant explaining why you are interested and how you are qualified for this job opportunity.


R. Daniel Beauchamp, MD
: (615) 322-2363
2019-03-19 17:54:33

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