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Seeking PhDs who can work at the intersection of neuroscience and biophotonics.

Biomedical Engineering

We are seeking recent PhDs who can work at the intersection of neuroscience and biophotonics in the Biophotonics Center with an immediate start date.

Our lab has demonstrated that electromagnetic perturbation in the form of pulsed infrared light can modulate neural cells and tissues (called Infrared Neural Stimulation or INS). Infrared energy produces highly selective signals with resulting physiological response that portend interesting applications in the arena of man-machine interface and enhancement of human performance. However, the fundamental biophysical mechanisms by which this electromagnetic pulse triggers a bio-electric response at the cellular and sub-cellular level remains unresolved. The primary objective of this project is to unravel the interplay between the neurobiological signaling, nerve conduction and the spatio-temporal thermal gradient induced by the optical energy and the mechanisms by which these changes transduce the electrical response typical in these systems.

For this project, we are seeking recent PhDs in the area of neurophotonics; experience in neuroscience methods and expertise in optical instrumentation. A doctoral degree with training in Neuroscience, Physics, Chemistry or Biomedical Engineering is preferred but other disciplines will also be considered. The position requires close interaction with numerous collaborating scientists and clinicians and therefore a confident but pleasant approach is a must. Experience with neuroscience methods including growing neural cells, working in vitro or in vivo animal models (esp. the brain) and experimental approaches such as patch-clamp techniques, electrophysiology methods etc. are critical to the success of the project. Experience with optical imaging methods, microscopy and data analysis would be preferred but is not required. Eligible candidates will take the lead on this funded project and will also be encouraged to formulate their own research ideas and will be provided infrastructure and mentoring for independent funding. Leadership qualities and a personable approach are a must.

Email CV and short letter of application outlining your experience and qualifications for this position to Jean Alley.

Jean Alley
: 615) 343-2766
2019-03-08 22:26:42

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