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Postdoc in Experimental Radiation Oncology / Neuroscience

Radiation Oncology

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN is excited to offer a full-time, postdoctoral fellowship in the areas of experimental particle therapy, FLASH ultra-high-dose-rate radiotherapy, and proton microbeam therapy. The research team seeks to improve outcomes for patients with brain cancer and to reduce neurotoxic side effects of radiotherapy.

The ideal candidate will work in the radiation oncology laboratory, occasionally travel to conduct translational experiments using high-energy protons, ions, or x rays, assist with animal studies, supervise students and technical assistants, plan and lead the experimental activity with the PI, write scientific manuscripts, and receive training on writing research grants. 

Qualifications:   Candidates with expertise and interest in experimental particle therapy, animal and in vitro radiobiologic studies, computational modeling of radiation toxicities in brain, neuroinflammatory changes after radiotherapy, developmental/cognitive impairment after radiotherapy, and/or neurobiology are encouraged to apply. A PhD in Neurobiology, Neuroscience, Medical Physics, Biophysics, Biology, or a closely related field is required. Candidates with biology-based backgrounds should demonstrate experience with experimental radiotherapy and/or rodent neuroscience work, including CNS histology and behavioral studies. Candidates with physics-based backgrounds should demonstrate an interest and cross-disciplinary training in radiation biology, preclinical radiation experiments, and/or neuroscience experiments.

The planned tasks involve: experimental dosimetry preparations and partial-brain irradiations of rodents using experimental radiotherapies, histologic and microscopic studies of CNS after irradiation, MRI studies to assess CNS vascular damage after irradiation, behavioral testing, assessment of neuron function after irradiation, computational and statistical analysis of histologic data, computational modeling of biologic processes related to radiation-induced neurodegeneration, and rodent brain-tumor survival studies after therapy. 

The position is limited for 2 years. For further information, please send your CV and letter of interest to Dr. John Eley via email.


John Eley, PhD
: (615) 322-2555
2019-01-15 20:57:58

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