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New lipid structural biology & enzymology postdoc position

Medicine, Biochemistry & Pharmacology


I'm looking for a soon-to-be PhD for a postdoc position. This person will be interested in applying their expertise in structural biology to study new ways nuclear lipids function. My group has expertise in genomics, structural biology, chemical biology, chemical genetics, and drug screening / development. Your project can blend any or all of these components into a comprehensive training program that will set you up for your next move into academia, big pharma, biotech or the great unknown abyss of the rest of your life!

Enthusiasm is key, as I'm looking for someone that loves to do experiments and loves to analyze data more than they love watching sit coms. I'm most interested in someone that likes competition and who wants to publish in a top journal.

Drop me a line and we can talk more!


Please email Ray with a brief explanation as to why you'd like to work with me, and your CV.

Ray Blind, PhD
: (615) 936-1037
2018-09-12 13:25:24

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