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Postdoctoral position for up to 2 years focused on geochemical speciation-based reactive transport of constituents in cementitious materials and interactions at interfaces with the atmosphere and earth materials.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

The overall goal of this work is the characterization and geochemical-speciation based reactive transport modeling, of cementitious nuclear wasteforms and cementitious barrier (e.g., concrete vaults, borehole seals) material interactions at interfaces with the atmosphere (e.g., oxidation and carbonation front ingress, and at interfaces with earth materials (e.g., carbonate rich geologic strata, vadose zone sediments).

The specific objectives are to:
Parameterize and demonstrate diffusion-controlled reactive transport models to simulate long-term cement interactions at representative interfaces (simulations are to be based on liquid-solid partitioning and interface diffusion experiments). 
a. Develop a geochemical speciation-based reaction set (e.g., minerals, adsorption/desorption) and characterize uncertainty to represent aqueous-solid partitioning for the prototype materials.
b. Develop and calibrate a coupled diffusion and reactive transport models for simulation of the prototype systems.
c. Provide model-to-model comparisons of Orchestra and PFLOTRAN for the simulations identified above.

The successful post-doctoral applicant(s) will be part of a research group focused on performance of cementitious wasteforms and concretes used in nuclear waste management systems. Necessary skills include experience with geochemical speciation-based reactive transport modeling and/or familiarity with advanced solid-phase characterization techniques. The successful applicant will be expected to work effectively both independently and in collaborative groups. Collaborations will include with DOE national laboratories and international collaborators.

All applications should be submitted prior to June 30, 2018. One or multiple individuals may be selected to fill positions.

Please submit the following: i) letter of interest and key qualifications, ii) full curriculum vitae, iii) example publications, iv) at least three professional references (include name, title, affiliation, e-mail address and phone number). Submit to David Kosson and copy Darlene Weaver.

David Kosson, PhD
: 615-322-1064
2018-05-30 20:17:44

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