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Postdoctoral position in Tumor Immunology

Department of Medicine, and Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology

We are seeking highly-motivated candidates for a post-doctoral research position at Vanderbilt University in Nashville to study molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of T cell differentiation and dysfunction in cancer, following up on our recent publication in Nature 545, 452–456 (25 May 2017) doi:10.1038/nature22367. 

Qualified applicants must have strong knowledge and research experience in immunology and/or cancer biology and one or more of the following areas: gene editing/CRISPR/Cas9, molecular biology/cloning, computational biology/NGS data analyses, or genetically engineered mouse models. The qualified applicant must possess a PhD or MD/PhD and a strong publication record (1st author peer-reviewed publications).

The position offers a competitive salary and excellent potential for career advancement.

Applicants who are interested in this position should email 1) statement of research interests and career goals, 2) curriculum vitae including bibliography, 3) names and contact information of three references to Mary Philip, MD PhD.

Mary Philip, MD, PhD
2018-04-20 20:32:05

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