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Dual Identity for VUMC Postdocs

Effective May 2022

To better serve the VUMC Postdoc population, all VUMC postdocs will be required to have dual identity to access both VUMC and VU resources.

What is Dual Identity?

Faculty, staff, and postdocs that have affiliations with both Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and Vanderbilt University (VU) may require access to systems/eresources owned by both. These employees are known as dual identity users and have two IDs and two email accounts. An ID or “username” at VUMC is called a VUMC ID and an ID/username at VU is called a VUnet ID. Passwords must be set for both.

Dual identities at VUMC and VU have individual login credentials and email accounts that provide access to each organization’s applications and systems.

Postdocs will continue to have a Medical Center ( email address as well as a University ( email address. To manage multiple accounts, users are encouraged to use Microsoft Outlook.

Why Do I Need Dual Identity?

Vanderbilt University resources are provided on VU systems. In order to properly access these systems, a VUnet ID must be used. These systems include, but are not limited to:

  • BRET Office of Career Development ASPIRE resources
  • BrightSpace (for VUMC Postdocs who teach)
  • Career Center access
  • Center for Teaching resources
  • English Language Center resources
  • YES (for VUMC Postdocs who teach)

When should I use my Medical Center VUMC ID?

Look for this login page:

When should I use my University VUnet ID?

Look for this login page:


Incoming postdocs will automatically receive information on claiming their dual identity after their start date.

For detailed instructions to complete the Pegasus form, click here.

For questions regarding this policy for VUMC postdocs, please reach out to

For more information on dual identity, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), visit the VUMC IT Dual Identity website.


Updated May 5, 2022