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Concerns and Complaints


If a postdoc believes that they have been discriminated against, harassed, or retaliated against on the basis of a protected class status as defined in the VU or VUMC nondiscrimination policies, such concerns should be directed to Vanderbilt University’s Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services Department (EAD) (VU employed/paid postdocs) or to VUMC HR (VUMC employed/paid postdocs).

If a postdoc has a concern or complaint regarding their postdoctoral experience, they should bring the concern to the attention of their faculty mentor, unless such an interaction would give rise to a possible concern related to safety, discrimination, or retaliation. If further discussion is needed and/or no resolution is achieved, the postdoc should meet with the home department chair and bring a written statement of the problem or concern. If the problem is still unresolved, the postdoc should contact the dean of the postdoctoral scholar’s home department. If the problem still continues to be unresolved, the concern will be elevated to the Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, who would make a final decision in consultation with the appropriate University offices.

Please email if you have any questions.


Updated: January 5, 2021