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Political Science does not offer graded credit for internships unrelated to formal internship programs. To receive credit for such internships, a student should enroll for independent study (PSCI 3851, 3852) with a professor in the department who, ideally, has research or professional interests related to the work involved in the internship. The research and writing for the independent study project should be related to the internship experience, and the professor would take the student's completion of the internship requirements into account when assigning a grade for the course. For a summer internship, students may enroll in an independent study the following fall (note: these arrangements must be made before the student begins the internship). 

The department does offer a set of graded and pass-fail credits for internships (PSCI 3880, 3882, or 3883) that is reserved for students involved in formal internship programs that are full time and supported by additional programming (courses, lectures, etc.). Graded credit in these instances may come from coursework arranged by the program and/or from independent studies similar to those described above. The internship work itself is awarded 9 hours pass-fail credit (which do not count for the major). Such formal internship programs include those offered by the Tennessee General Assembly or The Washington Center. If you have questions about these internships, contact Katherine Carroll.

If you have been offered an internship and are required to show that you are receiving academic credit for it, the College of Arts and Science has a one credit hour (repeatable up to three credit hours) pass-fail internship course (INDS 3881, 3882, 3883, 3884) that is available to students who are sophomores, juniors or seniors and in good academic standing. You can sign up for this course by picking up forms in Kirkland 311. This course requires no work in addition to that involved directly with the internship. A faculty advisor must sign off on the form, and you may contact Katherine Carroll