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Enrolling in Individualized Instruction Courses

First, you should read the course description for Individualized Instruction courses in the undergraduate catalog or on the Political Science webpage. Then you should meet with the instructor with whom you wish to study, to propose what you are interested in studying or researching. You will need to create a written study plan detailing the nature of the project, including required readings, assignments, method of evaluation, and specifying the arrangements and frequency of meetings with the instructor. Once the instructor agrees to this plan, you can begin the process of enrolling.

Second, to enroll in Independent Research (PSCI 3851 and 3852), Directed Study (PSCI 3841 and 3842), or Senior Honors Research (PSCI 4998 and 4999), you will obtain a form either by downloading it here or picking it up from Undergraduate Coordinator, Maggie Jarrett, in the Department of Political Science office in Commons 355. Fill it out using the study plan you agreed upon, or attaching the plan to the form.

Third, you will schedule a meeting (via email) with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), Jennifer Larson, in Commons 332, to review the process for enrolling in such courses, address any questions, and obtain her signature on the form.

Fourth, each semester, there is one professor who coordinates all students enrolled in Independent Research, Directed Study, and Senior Honors Research. You can find out the name of the professor from the Undergraduate Coordinator or the DUS. You will need to get the coordinating professor's signature on the form as the ''Instructor.''

Finally, you will turn the form in to the Undergraduate Coordinator in Commons 355, before the end of the course change period. She will register you and notify you once you are enrolled. (It is not possible for students to enroll themselves in such courses through YES.)

Political Science Department contacts:

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS): Jennifer Larson, Commons 332

Undergraduate Coordinator: Maggie Jarrett, Commons 355, (615) 322-6222