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Honors Program

To be eligible to enter the program, students should have completed all but 6 hours of the AXLE requirements, and have a minimum overall GPA of 3.6. They should also have a minimum GPA of 3.6 in all the political science courses they have taken up to the point at which they enter the Honors Program. Students must have exhibited to the department additional evidence of an ability to do independent work. Finally, students who wish to be considered for nomination to the Honors Program must schedule a meeting (via email) with the director of undergraduate studies where admission to the Honors Program and the requirements of the program will be discussed and the appropriate forms (obtained here or in the Political Science main office) will be routed for signatures.

In addition to requirements set by the College of Arts and Science, the following requirements must be met in order for honors in political science to be awarded:

  1. 30 hours in political science, as well as all of the requirements for political science majors.
  2. 3.6 grade point average in all political science courses, and a 3.6 average in courses that count toward honors in political science.
  3. Completion of an honors thesis, under the direction of a faculty adviser. Students will enroll in Senior Honors Research (4998 and 4999), during the semester(s) when they work on the honors thesis.
  4. An oral exam on the honors thesis in the last semester of the senior year.

Students in the Honors Program are encouraged to take PSCI 2270 before they enter or during their first semester in the Honors Program.

A three-member Honors Committee will administer each student's Honors Thesis project. Students should petition a faculty adviser and two other faculty members to serve on their committee. The faculty adviser will work with the student to develop the student's Honor's Thesis. The committee will administer the oral examination, after which it will also decide whether the student will receive honors, or high honors. Successful candidates are awarded honors or high honors in their field, and this designation appears in the Commencement program and on their diplomas.

Necessary Forms

  1. Honors Program Approval form with committee signatures and Department Honors Program Recommendation for Admission. Both forms are only submitted the first semester the student applies for the honors program.
  2. Request for Registration in Independent / Directed Study Course Spring 2019
    Submit one for each course you need to register for.