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Junior Faculty Speaker Series

The Department provides the junior faculty with funding for a speaker series to enhance their intellectual networks.

The 2011-2012 Junior Faculty Speaker Series features:

  • 11/3/11: Jennifer Pitts, University of Chicago, "Universality and the European Law of Nations in the Eighteenth Century"
  • 12/9/11: Margit Tavits, Washington University, "Legislative Effects of Electoral Mandates"
  • 2/28/12: Paul Huth, University of Maryland, "International Law and the Consolidation of Peace Following Territorial Changes"
  • 3/21/12: Ismail White, Ohio State University, “Political Awareness in Black and White: Isolating the Effects of Black Elite Discourse on Black Opinion”
  • 4/25/12: Alastair Smith, New York University, ''Prizes, Groups and Pivotal Voting on a Poisson Voting Game''

The 2010-2011 Junior Faculty Speaker Series featured:

  • 3/16/11: Randy Stevenson, Rice University, "Clarity about Clarity: Exploring how Voters Attribute Policy-making Responsibility in Coalitional Systems"
  • 4/19/11: Taeku Lee, University of California, Berkeley, "The American Non-Partisan: Race, Immigration, and the Changing Face of Party Identification"