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Courses of Study

Students in the PhD program take courses and participate in the graduate program's offerings relevant to their intellectual interests. The department offers four major fields of substantive interest, with each field involving coursework, tailored advising, workshops, research labs and support, and other amenities. Additionally, political methodology is offered as a secondary field.

Field Requirements

All students must complete 72 credit hours, of which at least 42 hours should be didactic coursework, including the following required courses:

  • Two required methods courses: PSCI 8355 (Research Design) and PSCI 8356 (Statistics for Political Research I)
  • Three courses in field one
  • Three courses in field two
  • Two courses in field three
  • Electives either in these fields or others to complete the remaining 42 hours

Subfield Details

Click the links below to learn more about the faculty, expertise, and offerings in the major subfields. 

American Politics

Comparative Politics

International Relations

Political Theory

Political Methodology