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Current and Recent Graduate Courses in Political Methodology

For a listing of current courses being offered in Political Science search the course schedule for PSCI classes.

For a listing of courses listed in the course catalog, please search the online course catalog for PSCI classes.

Here is a listing of recent (and current) courses as well as the faculty who have recently taught the course using the descriptions in the Graduate Course Catalog. Contact the faculty for more detailed information about course content.

355. Research Design
Prof. Chiozza, Prof. Clinton

Fall 2010
Introduction to Analysis of Tables, Measures of Association, OLS regression. Coverage of research design. Experimental design, survey research, elite interviewing, in-depth interviewing, aggregate data, field research, content analysis, case studies, and small-n analysis. Emphasis on concept formation and measurement.

356. Statistics for Political Research I
(Prof. Somer-Topcu)

Fall 2010
Introduction to statistical analysis with applications in political science, statistical distributions, statistical inference, bivariate and multiple regression, logit, and probit. SPRING. [3] Globetti.

 357. Statistics for Political Research II
(Prof. Globetti)

Spring 2011
Advanced topics in statistical analysis with research applications in maximum likelihood estimation, logit and probit analysis, simultaneous equation models, generalized least squares, and introductory time series concepts.

 358. Topics in Political Methodology: Maximum Likelihood
(Prof. Clinton)

Fall 2011
An introduction to the theory of maximum likelihood estimation in political science focusing on commonly used models for categorical and limited dependent variables.

 359. Introduction to Formal Theory and Modeling
(Prof. Benson)

Spring 2009
Social choice and game theory. Instabilty and disequilibria of group decisions under different decision-making rules. Theoretical model building as a way to generate hypotheses. Rules in decision making, manipulability of outcomes, bargaining strategies and the evolution of cooperation.

 370. Topics in Political Methodology: Experimental Methods
(Prof. Kam)

Spring 2012
An overview of experimental methods in political science, covering the logic of experimentation, ethics of research, measurement, lab experiments, survey experiments, field experiments, natural and quasi-experiments, and statistical analysis of experimental data.

337. Attitudes and Measurement
(Prof. Pérez)

Spring 2010
Conceptualization, design, and testing of attitudinal measures. Language, logic, and implementation of psychometric models in political science research.