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Students on the Market

The following Ph.D. candidates are on the job market for the 2017-2018 year:

Scott Limbocker

  • scott
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Major fields of Study: American Politics and Political Methodology
  • Dissertation Title: Partisanship and Political Participation in the U.S. Civil Service
  • Dissertation Defense Date: Spring 2018
  • Dissertation Abstract: My dissertation explores the political actions of employees in elections and the consequences of those actions to the modern administrative state. How politically active are bureaucrats? Do they vote or give money to candidates? What effect does this have on their influence in the bureaucracy? These are particularly important questions since the American political system increasingly relies on the presumed neutrality of bureaucratic governance. My research demonstrates that the political behavior of individual bureaucrats varies according to their personal beliefs and values related to their perceived career trajectories. I examine if these perceptions manifest into actual exit from the agency. I find partisans and those in ideological agencies to be the most likely to stay in government, suggesting a loss of the ideological middle in the management corps. By understanding the actions and beliefs of federal employees and the consequences of these actions, my dissertation illuminates underappreciated aspects of the politicization of the bureaucracy.
  • Advisors: Joshua D. Clinton and David E. Lewis