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Current and Recent Graduate Courses in International Relations

This is a list of recent and current International Relations courses, including the faculty member who usually teaches the course and a brief description of the course. Please contact the respective faculty member teaching the course for a syllabus or more detailed information on the course.

PSCI 320: International Politics

Prof. James L. Ray

Basic course in international politics. Surveys major subfields, focusing on concepts and theories that orient research— e.g., balance of power, interdependence, imperialism, decisionmaking, crisis-behavior.

PSCI 321: International Conflict: Theories and Methods

Prof. James L. Ray

Analysis of international conflict and war.

PSCI 323: Current Theory and Research in World Politics

Recent trends in theory construction, research design, and findings.

PSCI 328: Ideas and International Security

Prof. Carol Atkinson

Role of collectively-held meanings and shared ideas (identity, norms, beliefs, values) in national security and political behavior. Texts from political science, economics, philosophy, military strategy and history, and sociology. Real world applications include perceptions of war and war outcomes, security strategy formulation, and impact of identity on international relations.

PSCI 329: Research in International Politics

Supervised individual research and reading on selected topics in international politics.

PSCI 370: Topics in Political Science: International Cooperation

Prof. Michaela Mattes

Why states want to cooperate, which obstacles need to be overcome, and how international institutions can facilitate interstate cooperation; rational design of institutions, compliance, effectiveness; domestic politics and cooperation.