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International Relations Colloquium

The Spring 2014 International Relations Colloquium features:

  • 2/14/14: Dan Nielson (Brigham Young) "Deceptive Studies or Deceptive Answers? Alternative Global Field and Survey Experiments on Anonymous Incorporation"
  • 2/21/14: Andrew Little (Cornell University), "Elections, Protest, and Alternation of Power," presented in partnership with CSDI

 The Spring 2012 International Relations Colloquium featured:

  • 2/15/12: Branislav Slantchev (University of California, San Diego), "Borrowed Power: Debt Finance and the Resort to Arms"
  • 2/22/12: Fotini Christia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), "Winning Hearts and Minds through Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan"
  • 2/28/12: Paul Huth (University of Maryland), "International Law and the Consolidation of Peace Following Territorial Changes"
  • 3/23/12: H.E. Goemans (University of Rochester)
  • 4/19/12: Robert Jervis (Columbia University)

The Fall 2011 International Relations Colloquium featured:

  • 9/19/11: Erik Voeten (Georgetown University), "Unbalanced Globalization in the Oil Exporting States"
  • 10/6/11: Robert Keohane (Princeton University), "Some Reflections on the Role of Persuasion in International Politics"
  • 12/7/11: Erica Chenoweth (Wesleyan University), "Weapons of the Strong? Explaining the Global Diffusion of Nonviolent Uprisings"

The Spring 2011 International Relations Colloquium featured:

  • 2/2/11: Kenneth Schultz (Stanford University), “Endogenous Sources of Compliance with Territorial Agreements”
  • 3/3/11: Abdulkader Sinno (Indiana University), “Public Attitudes towards Western Muslim Minorities: Understanding the Effect of International and Transnational Influences”
  • 4/11/11: Sarah Kreps (Cornell University), "The Price is Wrong: Why Democracies Underestimate the Costs of Conflict"

The Fall 2010 International Relations Colloquium featured:

  • 9/8/10: Matthew Kroenig, (Georgetown University), "Nuclear Superiority or the Balance of Resolve?  Explaining Nuclear Crisis Outcomes"
  • 9/22/10: Monica Duffy Toft (Harvard University), "Time in International Relations Theory: The Missing Dimension"
  • 10/27/10: Dan Reiter (Emory University), "Ballistic Missiles, Nuclear Weapons, and International Conflict"

The Spring 2010 International Relations Colloquium featured:

  • 1/29/10: David Leblang (University of Virginia), "Defying the Law of Gravity: The Political Economy of International Migration"
  • 2/12/10: Sara Mitchell (University of Iowa), "What Did They Leave Behind? Legal Systems, Colonial Legacies, and Human Rights Practices"
  • 4/9/10: Robert Trager (UCLA) "Multi-Dimensional Diplomacy"
  • 4/16/10: Alexander Wendt (Ohio State University), "Preface to a Quantum Social Science"