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Conflict Workshop

9/19/18:  Jonathan Markowitz (USC), "Arctic Shock:  Utilizing Climate Change to Test Theories of Resource Competition"

9/26/18:  Stephanie Kang (USC), "Security Commitments in Multi-State Crises: Treaty Alliances and Material Commitments"

10/3/18:  Xinru Ma (USC), "Playing Chicken with Firecrackers:  When Do Nationalist Protests Serve as Credible Signals in International Crisis Bargaining?"

10/10/18:  Bryan Rooney (Vanderbilt), "Emergency Powers in Democracies and International Conflict"

10/24/18:  Scott Abramson (Rochester), "Learning about Growth and Democracy"

10/31/18:  Emily Ritter (Vanderbilt), "Updating and Uprising: Dissent, Repression, and Domestic Political

11/7/18:  Andrew Coe (Vanderbilt), "Crude Calculations:  Productivity and the Profitability of Conquest"

11/14/18:  Margaret Frost (Vanderbilt), "Deterrents or Diversions:  Violent Crackdowns on Organized Crime and Attitudes Toward Security in Mexico." 

11/28/18:  Brad Smith (Vanderbilt), "Arms Transfers and the Dynamics of Intervention" 

12/5/18:  Peter Schram (Vanderbilt), "Managing Insurgency." 

1/16/19:  Ethan Bueno de Mesquita (Chicago), "Deterrence with Imperfect Attribution"

1/23/19: Dylan Irons (Vanderbilt), "Should I Stay or Should I Go:  The Effect of Rainfall on Refugee Flows."

1/30/19:  David Siegel (FSU), "State Interventions and the Growth or Suppression of Terror and Insurgent Attacks"

2/13/19: Andrew Coe (Vanderbilt), "Modern Economic Peace"

2/20/19:  Erik Gartzke (UCSD), "Rethinking Rational Deterrence"

2/27/19:  Dorothy Kronick (Penn), TBD

3/13/19:  Heesun Yoo (Vanderbilt), "Avocado Exports and Violence in Mexico"

3/20/19:  Brett Benson (Vanderbilt), TBD

3/27/19:  Rich Hagner (Vanderbilt), "Defense Spending and Inadvertent Signals"

4/3/19:  Jenny Guardado (Georgetown), TBD

4/10/19:  Peter Schram (Vanderbilt), TBD

4/17/19:  Stephanie Kang (Vanderbilt), TBD