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Conflict Workshop

In Spring 2021, the Conflict Workshop will resume meeting every Tuesday at 12:30. We will continue to meet via Zoom until the university returns to entirely in-person meetings. Email Grace Adcox for more information. 

External speakers are listed in bold font. 


Feb 2:  Haonan Dong, Instrumental Bargaining

     Discussant: Brenton Kenkel


Feb 9:  Dylan Irons, Refugee Resettlement and Public Opinion

     Discussant:  Cassy Dorff


Feb 16:  Mark Conklin, Formal Military Alliances and Defense Spending

     Discussant:  Haonan Dong


Feb 23:  Heesun Yoo, Criminal Organizations and the State

     Discussant:  Emily Ritter


Mar 2:  Brenton Kenkel and Peter Schram, Crisis Bargaining with Multiple Policy Levers

     Discussant:  Andrew Coe


Mar 9:  Rick Montcalm, Joint Military Exercises and Threat Provocation

     Discussant:  Colin Henry


Mar 16:  Colin Henry, Political Death Cults

     Discussant:  Meg Frost


Mar 23:  Jenn Larson, Attitudes toward Refugees

     Discussant:  Jennifer Barnes


Mar 30:  Jennifer Barnes, International Institutions and Human Rights

     Discussant:  Dylan Irons


Apr 6:  Eli Berman, UCSD


Apr 13:  Chae Eun Cho, Economic Sanctions

     Discussant:  Jennifer Larson


Apr 20:  Megan Stewart, American University


Apr 27:  Allison Carnegie, Columbia University