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Public Opinion Speaker Series

Spring 2012 series will feature the following talks:

  • 2/23/12: Deb and Steve Brooks (Dartmouth College), "Partisanship and Public Opinion on Foreign Policy"
  • 4/5/12: Noam Lupu (Kellogg Institute, Notre Dame), “Polarization and Partisanship”

Fall 2011 series featured the following talks:

  • 10/18/11: Eric Groenendyk (University of Memphis), "Being earnest about importance: The impact of partisan motivation on issue priorities"
  •  11/3/11: Rick Wilson (Rice University), "Ready or not: Do public officials understand why citizens don't prepare for disasters?"
  • 12/1/11: Jamie Druckman (Northwestern), "Policy challenges: Energy politics and public opinion"

 Fall 2010 series featured the following talks: 

  • 10/1/10: André Blais (Université de Montréal)
  • 10/22/10: Michael Lewis-Beck (University of Iowa)

 Fall 2009 series featured the following talks:

  • 10/29/09: Vincent Hutchings (University of Michigan), “Wedge Politics: The Structure and Function of Racial Group Cues in American Politics”
  • 11/12/09: Bethany Albertson (University of Texas, Austin), “Fear and Learning in Political Debates: How Do Anxious Citizens Get Their News?"
  • 11/19/09: Don Kinder (University of Michigan), “Phantom Landslide? Race, Obama, and the 2008 Election”
  • 12/3/09: Jennifer Jerit (Florida State University), “External Validity in Survey Experiments”