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Experimental Speaker Series

Spring 2015 series:

  • 2/19/15: Melissa Michelson (Menlo College)
  • 3/12/15: Cheryl Boudreau (UC Davis)
  • 3/26/15: Dan Hopkins (Georgetown University)
  • 4/2/15: Matt Hibbing (UC Merced)

Spring 2011 series: 

  • 2/10/11: Chuck Taber (Stonybrook University), "Principles of Color"
  • 2/17/11: Nicholas Valentino (University of Michigan), "The Antecedents of Immigration Opinion in the U.S.: Ethnocentrism, Economic Interests, and Media Threats"
  • 2/24/11: Paul Sniderman (Stanford University), "The Reputation Premium: A Theory of Party Identification and Spatial Reasoning"
  • 3/15/11: Rick Lau (Rutgers University), "An Introduction to the Dynamic Process Tracing Environment"
  • 3/24/11: Beth Miller (University of Missouri - Kansas City), "Failing to Recall: Interfering with Memory for Campaign Information"

Spring 2009 series:

  • 2/12/09: Donald Green (Yale University), “Name Recognition and Vote Choice”
  • 2/26/09: Eric Dickson (NYU), "Rules of Debate: Theory and Experiment"
  • 3/12/09: Joshua Tucker (NYU), “Party Cues, Partisans, and Public Opinion in Old and New Democracies”
  • 3/26/09: Rose McDermott (Brown University), “Experiments on Sex Differences in Aggression”