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Current and Recent Graduate Course List in American Politics

To ensure that our students have a coherent and systematic grounding in American Politics through the courses we offer, we plan our course offerings two years in advance. While unforeseen circumstances inevitably arise, we do our best to follow the plan.

  • For a listing of current courses being offered in Political Science search the Course Schedule for PSCI classes.
  • For a listing of courses listed in the course catalog, please search the online course catalog for PSCI classes.

Here is a listing of recent and scheduled course offerings in American Politics:

8330. Studies in American Politics 

A survey of important literature and concepts in the field of American politics. Core class for the subfield which covers both behavior and institutions.

8331. Party Politics 

Structure and functions of political parties; theories of partisan change, party formation, and party organization. Influence on rules and the behavior of politicians on party policies.

8332. Electoral Behavior and Public Opinion 

Theories of voting and behavior of candidates in American elections; models of electoral change; the development and dynamics of public opinion. Effects of elections and public opinion on policy and governmental action.

8333. Political Culture, Opinion, and Behavior 

Politics as a contest of meaning; how issues, structures, and events are signified; the patterns and distributions of core beliefs as the foundation of individual and collective political behavior and institutional politics.

8334. Executive Institutions 

Theories of decision making and implementation in executive institutions. Application of theory to the executive institutions of American government, including the presidency, cabinet departments, and agencies. The relationships of elected politicians, political appointees, and civil servants in executive institutions.

8334. Political Psychology 

Theories of citizen decision-making, information-processing, and cognition. Inter-group cooperation and conflict. Identity formation and applications to politics.

8335. Politics of American Legislation 

The structure and function of American legislative institutions, especially Congress, and their relation to the wider setting.