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Comparative Politics Workshops

The 2019-2020 Comparative Politics Speaker Series:

Discussants to be announced.

  • 9/5/19: Organizational meeting

  • 9/26/19:  Didac Queralt, Yale University
    Discussant: Claire Evans

  • 10/3/19: Simeon Nichter, University of California, San Diego
    Discussant: Margaret (Meg) Frost

  • 2/6/20:  Pavithra Suryanarayan, Johns Hopkins University
    Discussant: Shashwat Dhar

  • 2/27/20: Cesi Cruz, University of British Columbia
    Discussant: Euiyoung Emily Noh

  • 3/26/20: Gretchen Helmke, Rochester University
    Discussant: Mariana Ramirez Bustamante

  • 4/16/20: Francis Rosenbluth, Yale University
    Discussant: Daniela Osorio Michel

The 2018-2019 Comparative Politics Speaker Series:

  • 8/23/18: Organizational meeting

  • 9/20/18: Jan Pierskalla, Ohio State University
    Discussant: Euiyoung Emily Noh

  • 10/4/18: Kimuli Kasara, Columbia University
    Discussant: SangEun Cecilia Kim

  • 10/11/18: Rikhil Bhavnani, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Discussant: Shashwat Dhar

  • 11/15/18: Kenneth Greene, University of Texas at Austin
    Discussant: Oscar Castorena

  • 1/10/19: Avital Livny, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
    Discussant: Laura Sellers

  • 1/24/19: Noah Nathan, University of Michigan
    Discussant: Daniela Osorio Michel

  • 2/21/19: Alisha Holland, Princeton University
    Discussant: Sebastian Meyer

  • 3/14/19: Carlos Scartascini, Inter-American Development Bank
    Discussant: Claire Evans

  • 3/28/19: Bryn Rosenfeld, University of Southern California
    Discussant: Alex Lawhorne

  • 4/11/19: Amaney Jamal, Princeton University
    Discussant: Facundo Salles-Kobilanski

  • 4/18/19: Leonid Peisakhin, New York University – Abu Dhabi
    Discussant: Adam Wolsky 

The 2017-2018 Comparative Politics Speaker Series:

  • 8/24/17: Organizational meeting
  • 9/14/17: Zach Warner, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Vanderbilt University (practice job talk)
  • 9/28/17: Mollie Cohen, Vanderbilt University (practice job talk)
  • 10/3/17: David Laitin, Stanford University
    Discussant: Bryce Williams-Tuggle
  • 10/19/17: Melanie Manion, Duke University
    Discussant: HeeJu Jang
  • 11/16/17: Danny Hidalgo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Discussant: Facundo Salles-Kobilanski
  • 11/30/17: Amanda Clayton, Vanderbilt University
    Discussant: Georgia Nilsson
  • 1/18/18: Gwyneth McClendon, New York University
    Discussant: Cecilia Kim
  • 2/1/18: Keith Weghorst, Vanderbilt University
    Discussant: Adam Wolsky
  • 2/22/18: Aili Mari Tripp, University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Discussant: Emily Noh
  • 3/1/18: Jason Wittenberg, University of California, Berkeley
    Discussant: Laura Sellers
  • 3/15/18: John Huber, Columbia University
    Discussant: Daniela Osorio Michel
  • 4/12/18: Kristin Michelitch, Vanderbilt University
    Discussant: Claire Evans

The 2016-2017 Comparative Politics Speaker Series:

  • 9/6/16: Luis Schiumerini, University of Oxford, “Accountability and Incumbency Effects: Evidence from Brazil”
    Discussant: Gui Russo
  • 10/6/16: Andrew Little, Cornell University
    Discussant: Bryan Rooney
  • 12/1/16: Dan Slater, University of Chicago
    Discussant: Laura Sellers
  • 1/26/17: Alberto Simpser, ITAM
    Discussant: Oscar Castorena
  • 3/2/17: Anna Grzymala-Busse, Stanford University
    Discussant: Gabriel Camargo Toledo
  • 3/23/17: Vicky Murillo, Columbia University
    Discussant: Claire Evans
  • 4/13/17: David Laitin, Stanford University
    Discussant: HeeJu Jang

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