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Joshua D. Clinton

Abby and Jon Winkelried Chair
Co-Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Editor in Chief, Quarterly Journal of Political Science

Prof. Josh Clinton uses statistical methods to better understand political processes and outcomes. He is interested in: the politics in the U.S. Congress, campaigns and elections, the testing of theories using statistical models, and the uses and abuses of statistical methods for understanding political phenomena.

Representative publications

  • Clinton, Joshua D.  "Congress, Lawmaking and the Fair Labor Standards Act, 1971-2000," American Journal of Political Science 56(2)(2012):355-372.
  • Clinton, Joshua D., et al.  "Separated Powers in the United States: The Ideology of Agencies, Presidents and Congress." American Journal of Political Science 56(2)(2012):341-354. 
  • Clinton, Joshua D., and Will Bullock.  "More A Molehill than a Mountain: the Effects of the Blanket Primary on Elected Officials' Behavior From California."  Journal of Politics 73(3)(2011): 915-30.
  • Clinton, Joshua D., and Simon Jackman.  "To Simulate or NOMINATE?" Legislative Studies Quarterly  XXXIV(4)(2009): 593-622.   
  • Clinton, Joshua D., and John Lapinski. "Laws and Roll Calls in the U.S. Congress, 1889-1994." Legislative Studies Quarterly XXXIII(4)(2008): 511-42. 
  • Clinton, Joshua D., et al. "Design, Inference, and the Statistical Logic of Suicide Terrorism."  American Political Science Review 102(2)(2008): 269-74.
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