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Joshua D. Clinton

Abby and Jon Winkelried Chair
Co-Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Editor in Chief, Quarterly Journal of Political Science   Executive Board Member, Data Science Institute

Prof. Josh Clinton uses statistical methods and data to better understand political processes and consequences. He is interested in the uses and abuses of statistical methods for understanding political phenomena related to political institutions, campaigns and elections, and public opinion in the United States.

Representative publications

  • 2020. "Partisan Pandemic: How Partisanship and Public Health Concerns Affect Individuals' Social Mobility During COVID-19." AAAS/Science Advances. With Jon Cohen, John S. Lapinski, Marc Trussler. 
  • 2020. "Market Matters: The Effect of Big-City News on Rural America During the COVID-19 Pandemic." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. With Eunji Kim and Michael E. Shepherd.
  • 2020. "Policy Effects, Partisanship, and Elections: How Medicaid Expansion Affected Opinions of the Affordable Care Act." Journal of Politics. With Michael W. Sances. 
  • 2020. "Polling Place Changes and Political Participation: Evidence from North Carolina Presidential Elections, 2008-2016." Political Science Research & Methods. With Adriane Fresh, Nick Eubank, and Michael E. Shepherd.
  • 2018. "The Politics of Policy: The Initial Mass Political Effects of Medicaid Expansion in the States." American Political Science Review. With Michael W. Sances.
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