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Service and Information Systems (SIS)

Director: Ally Sullivan
Supervisor: Renna Risby
Phone: 4-9675 or 3-9675 (on campus only); 615-343-9675 (off-campus)
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Please Note: Currently, we do not respond to student or parent requests about temperature control or ventilation in residence houses. Please report these to your Resident Advisor (RA) or your Area Maintenance Supervisor (AMS).
Service Information Systems (SIS) is the single point of contact for all Vanderbilt University departments to Plant Operations. SIS is the first line of communications for maintenance and service requests for campus buildings, grounds, and utilities. SIS receives approximately 135 calls per day and creates 3,800 work orders a month. As such, following the guidelines below for contacting SIS will help them to be most responsive to your needs while managing the quality and cost of service delivery.
The simplest and fastest way to contact the SIS during normal operating hours is to call 615-343-9675. Our representatives will create a work order for your request and forward your request to the appropriate work unit. Calls to any other number will slow response time as all work requests must come through Service and Information Systems to be processed.
In addition to calling SIS directly, work requests may be made in the following ways:

    • Submitting a Customer Request via our Computer Maintenance System, AiM (special training/access required)
    • Submitting an online facilities service request
    • Submitting a completed hard-copy work request:
      • Print a facilities service request or fill out a paper work request, if available in your office
      • Send via intercampus mail to the attention of Pat Griffith or Renee Risby at the Bryan Building, Room 103
    • In person at Room 103 in the Bryan Building

SIS can only accept work requests for which all relevant information is available, including verification that the person submitting or signing the Work Request is authorized to do so.