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Chart(er)ing a Path to Success

Nov. 29, 2010—Jeremy Kane’s emergence as a key figure in Nashville’s charter schools movement may well have taken root in seventh grade. That was the year he transferred from a Metro Nashville public school to Montgomery Bell Academy, a private college preparatory school.

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A Different Perspective

Nov. 29, 2010—If one travels north on 20th Avenue South in Nashville, the dome on the Wyatt Center—known to many alumni as the Social-Religious Building—comes into view. The building sits on the crest of a hill, so it should not be a surprise as it suddenly pops up amid the trees in this residential neighborhood. But this...

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Getting Fizzy to Halt Childhood Obesity

Nov. 29, 2010—Fizzy’s Lunch Lab—an interactive Web series with cartoon characters acting out funny stories to emphasize the importance of good nutrition, a balanced diet and physical activity—was nominated for a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award. And there’s a Peabody connection. Sharon Shields, professor of the practice of human and organizational development; Heather Smith, assistant professor of the...

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The Bigger Picture

Nov. 29, 2010—Jessica Lewis and her family are Vanderbilt through and through. She and her husband, Hi Lewis, BA’99, MEd’01, received their undergraduate and graduate degrees at Vanderbilt. Their two children were born at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and attend the Vanderbilt Child Care Center.

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A Seat at History

Nov. 29, 2010—Paul Dokecki was born and raised in Brooklyn and came to Nashville in 1962, 10 days after his wedding to his wife, Katherine, to start a doctoral program in clinical psychology at Peabody. “The culture shock was significant at about every level,” he says.

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From the Dean

Nov. 29, 2010—This academic year is an exciting one for all those associated with Peabody College, as 2010-2011 marks our 225th anniversary.

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7 Great Ideas

Nov. 29, 2010—Two hundred and twenty-five years is a long time for an institution to survive. Founded as Davidson Academy in 1785, what is now Vanderbilt’s Peabody College initially existed under various names—Cumberland College, University of Nashville, State Normal College of Tennessee, Peabody Normal College. During those years, Peabody’s primary innovation was its continued existence in a region not always responsive to higher education.

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