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When Differences are Strengths: Helping those with intellectual disabilities thrive

Sep. 27, 2018—A whiz at data entry, typing with accuracy at 90 words a minute, Jamal Underwood, who has autism, has turned his learning differences into strengths.

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Making Peace

Mar. 30, 2018—Nashville is enjoying an unprecedented economic boom, with about 80 people moving to Music City every day and real estate prices rising faster than any other place in the country. Gentrification is creeping into neighborhoods, as older homes are replaced with high-rise condos, trendy bistros and exclusive boutiques. Meanwhile, more than one third of Nashville’s children live in poverty.

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Hidden Epidemic

Jul. 31, 2017—While survival rates continue to rise for children with once-fatal health conditions like brain tumors, leukemia and congenital heart disease, that survival comes at a cost: long-term, and sometimes permanent, learning deficits. Psychology and Human Development’s Bruce Compas has released a groundbreaking new study on the magnitude of this problem—and what can be done

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Math Myths: Researchers debunk common misconceptions

Jan. 31, 2017—At Peabody, researchers are finding that there are many ways math is learned and are developing innovative new ways to teach it. They believe that math is not an unyielding discipline, accessible to only a select few. And, they would argue, math is fun.

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The Power of Pre-K: Fact of Fiction?

Jul. 7, 2016—When Peabody professors Mark Lipsey and Dale Farran embarked on a study to evaluate the long-term benefits of Tennessee’s multimillion-dollar voluntary prekindergarten program, they fully expected conventional wisdom to prevail. After all, pre-K is known to close the achievement gap, prepare children for school, and jump-start early learning. The numbers should bear that out, right? Turns out it wasn't that simple.

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Dec. 1, 2015—The first time one of Ebony McGee's engineering colleagues questioned her intelligence she brushed it off. But years later, the jabs hadn’t stopped. Now an assistant professor at Peabody, her research is focused on the barriers black scholars and professionals have in the STEM workforce.

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Enterprising Interns

Jul. 15, 2015—From finance to fashion, HOD students pursue unique internships of their own making. They've logged hours at Oscar de la Renta, CONAN, the World Food Programme, Deloitte, Neville McCarthy PR and Big Machine Label Group (home to Taylor Swift) to name a few.

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