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A goulish ghord appears at Wyatt

Posted in: Fall 2013, Fall 2013, Reflections

Fall weather arrived reluctantly and late to Peabody lawn. When crisp temperatures at last contested summer’s vestiges, this ghoulish gourd, as if by magic, appeared on the steps of the Wyatt Center. Mischievously grinning beneath its leafy crown, it stood watch as sweaters and scarves materialized in the frost-tinged mornings, squirrels scurried to gather provisions, […]

A Remarkable Journey

Posted in: Reflections, Summer 2013

Founder’s Medalist Jesse Neugebauer, who graduated in May with a bachelor of science in early childhood education and special education, led the Peabody Commencement processional behind Camilla P. Benbow, Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of education and Human Development, and banner bearer Sarah Perlman. Neugebauer, a Nebraska native who is a two-time cancer survivor, is […]

Well Fed

Posted in: Fall 2012, Reflections

The Annual Farm to Fork Dinner on the Peabody mall has become a fall tradition on campus, highlighting locally harvested food and bringing students together to pass around bowls of the best grub around. It’s debatable whether one could actually call “rosemary roasted pork loin with spaghetti squash and figs” grub, but it is definitely […]

Full Circle

Posted in: Reflections, Summer 2012

For more than a dozen years, the Nashville Symphony has performed in May for the Vanderbilt community, usually on the mall at Peabody. This year’s concert on the Commons Center Lawn was held May 22. Nashville Symphony concerts on the Peabody campus became commonplace in the ‘50s. Back then, the symphony, more than half of […]

Planet Peabody

Posted in: Issue, Reflections, Winter 2012

It was a wonderful late fall day at Planet Peabody when this photo was taken. Our photography staff often sees the world from unique angles, and this day was no different. Their vision brings to mind any number of metaphors for Peabody’s role in the world of education and human development—but most are too much […]

Bird’s Eye View

Posted in: Reflections, Summer 2011

The rhythm of columns, archways and architectural curves is apparent from above, as seen in the colonnade between the Wyatt Center (Social Religious Building) and East Hall. The photographer did not climb a gingko tree to get the shot; he made use of a construction lift before it was moved.

A Different Perspective

Posted in: Reflections, Winter 2010

If one travels north on 20th Avenue South in Nashville, the dome on the Wyatt Center—known to many alumni as the Social-Religious Building—comes into view. The building sits on the crest of a hill, so it should not be a surprise as it suddenly pops up amid the trees in this residential neighborhood. But this […]

Flood Relief

Posted in: Reflections, Summer 2010

On May 1 and 2, Nashville received almost 14 inches of rain. The flooding that came with this historic precipitation was widespread and will affect Nashville for years to come. More than 3,000 houses were submerged, and at least 10 people in the Nashville area drowned, either in their homes or cars. The Vanderbilt Clinic […]

Mrs. Cohen’s Stairway

Posted in: Fall 2009, Reflections

George Etta Brinkley Cohen climbed these marble stairs to her apartment on the second floor of Cohen Memorial for three years, from the time the building was finished in 1927 until her death in 1930. It is said that her spirit inhabits the structure. The building first housed the Peabody fine arts department and following […]

Spring Whirl

Posted in: Reflections, Spring 2009

Spring weather in Nashville changes in an instant. As cold fronts from the northwest brush up against warm fronts from the Gulf, the clouds billow and sometimes illustrate the violence of the clash. But on this spring day, no violent weather was in the forecast. Perhaps the clouds were mimicking the whirl of mental activity […]