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Jul. 5, 2012—Department of Human and Organizational Development faculty and students played a key role in securing a Promise Neighborhood Planning Grant awarded to Nashville’s Martha O’Bryan Center. The grant is one of only 15 nationwide, including just three in the South. The Nashville Promise Neighborhood Initiative plans to provide effective cradle-to-career services for the 6,000+ school-age...

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The Face of the Institution

Jul. 5, 2012—Current students show that Peabody still draws the best for their student body.

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The Most Important Asset

Jul. 5, 2012—The Leadership and Organizational Performance program trains students who cultivate workforce leaders.

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Principals’ Leadership and Leadership Principles

Jul. 5, 2012—For much of the past century, the typical role of the school principal was to serve as the manager-in-chief, an administrator who made sure the boilers worked, the buses ran on time and new teachers were hired and placed in classrooms. In the wake of school reform during the last decade, however, the role of the principal has changed dramatically. For today's principals, Peabody is creating professional development to provide a whole new skill set.

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Summer 2012 Staff

Jul. 5, 2012—Visit Peabody College’s website at Bonnie Arant Ertelt, Editor Donna Pritchett, Art Director Michael Smeltzer, Designer Nelson Bryan, Class Notes Editor Contributors: Joanne Lamphere Beckham, Kurt Brobeck, Lisa DuBois, Brent Meredith, Katie Payne, Jan Read, Cindy Thomsen, and Jennifer Wetzel Camilla Persson Benbow, Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development Jennifer...

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From the Dean

Jul. 5, 2012—In the winter issue of the Reflector, we examined “the embattled teacher” and the challenges faced both by current teachers and those who aspire to enter the profession.

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