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A World of Hurt

Jun. 30, 2010—Can the achievement gap in education be bridged? A look at factors contributing to this seemingly intractable problem.

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Far Away, Distant Learning: The Rural Achievement Gap

Jun. 30, 2010—The rural achievement gap must deal with issues relating to distance as well as poverty.

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Is the Answer YES?

Jun. 30, 2010—Peabody alumnus Chris Barbic is reversing trends with his charter school network in Houston, Texas.

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Jumping the Gap: Two Success Stories

Jun. 30, 2010—Peabody student Jamie Graham and alumnus David Pérez have risen above circumstances to create a better life through education.

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The Achievement Gap in Education

Jun. 30, 2010—A World of Hurt It’s a gray winter day at Ross Elementary, an inner-city school in East Nashville that serves a high percentage of children who qualify for the free and reduced-priced lunch program, and pre-K teacher Tish Smedley is overseeing the controlled chaos of her 4-year-old students as they prepare for rest period. A...

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Summer 2010 Issue Staff

Jun. 30, 2010—Visit Peabody College’s Web site at Bonnie Arant Ertelt, Editor Donna Pritchett, Art Director Michael Smeltzer, Designer Lew Harris, Assistant Editor Nelson Bryan, Class Notes Editor Contributors: Kurt Brobeck, Lisa DuBois, James Hogge, Camilla Meek, Melanie Moran, Elizabeth Older, Jan Read, Cindy Thomsen Web Edition Design and Development: Lacy Tite Camilla Persson Benbow, Patricia...

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Cutting-edge talk about school choice

Jun. 30, 2010—With the Obama administration highlighting school choice as a likely reform strategy, interest in how parents choose a school is more intense than ever. “School Choice and School Improvement: Research into State, District and Community Contexts,” was hosted by the National Center on School Choice in late October. The conference looked at school choice issues...

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Flood Relief

Jun. 30, 2010—On May 1 and 2, Nashville received almost 14 inches of rain. The flooding that came with this historic precipitation was widespread and will affect Nashville for years to come. More than 3,000 houses were submerged, and at least 10 people in the Nashville area drowned, either in their homes or cars. The Vanderbilt Clinic...

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Ginger Irwin, BS’77, MS’79

Jun. 30, 2010—A number of visually impaired girls were on my floor [in Gillette Hall]. Because of meeting and knowing those ladies, I realized that a visual impairment was not going to stop them from doing what they wanted to do.

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Ana Lopez, BS’99

Jun. 30, 2010—We are trying to counteract what I call the three main issues of our community—high dropout rates for our population of girls, high gang involvement rates and very, very high teen pregnancy rates.

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