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Fall 2008 Category

Peabody Reflector Staff – Fall 2008 Issue

Nov. 11, 2008—About the Peabody Reflector The Peabody Reflector is published biannually by Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of education and human development in cooperation with the Vanderbilt Office of DAR Communications. The magazine is mailed free of charge to all Peabody alumni, parents of current Peabody students, and to friends of Peabody who make an annual gift of $25...

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Peabody College Supporters 2007-2008

Oct. 17, 2008—Over the past year, thanks to numerous alumni, parents and friends who stepped forward and made a gift to Peabody, our campaign has grown to $57.9 million. All of these gifts added to Peabody’s ambitious $60 million campaign goal as part of the university’s ongoing comprehensive campaign, Shape the Future.

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Creative Expressions XIV

Oct. 17, 2008—The opening of the exhibit “Creative Expressions XIV” in October will mark the 14th anniversary of the arts collaboration between the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and The Mayor’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities. Its purpose is to showcase the creative talents of artists with disabilities...

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Head and Heart

Oct. 17, 2008—Vanderbilt basketball star Shan Foster is the kind of student who gives teachers hope that the next generation is in good hands.

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A World of Experience

Oct. 17, 2008—Austen Heim, who has studied and done volunteer service projects all over the world—Japan, New Zealand, London, China and Ecuador—now has a corporate job title that perfectly matches his skills. He is a human capital analyst at Deloitte & Touche in Manhattan.

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Common Reflections

Oct. 17, 2008—About 1,550 first-year students at Vanderbilt are now housed in The Commons in “houses” with names familiar to Peabody alums: North, West, East, Gillette and Memorial. In addition there are the newly constructed Murray, Stambaugh, Sutherland, Crawford and Hank Ingram Houses, built where the Married Student and Garrison apartments once stood. Here, The Commons Center,...

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Peabody Professional Institutes

Oct. 17, 2008—Next summer, Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College will offer a number of short-term professional development programs building on the college’s experience and reputation for training administrators and senior practitioners.

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