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From the Dean – March 2018

Mar. 30, 2018—John Ruskin, the leading critic and social thinker of the Victorian era, wrote in Unto This Last, “Let us reform our schools, and we shall find little reform needed in our prisons.” Today we might say that this thinking is a little too binary; many children grow up in circumstances that put them in contact with both the education and the justice systems.

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Making Peace

Mar. 30, 2018—Nashville is enjoying an unprecedented economic boom, with about 80 people moving to Music City every day and real estate prices rising faster than any other place in the country. Gentrification is creeping into neighborhoods, as older homes are replaced with high-rise condos, trendy bistros and exclusive boutiques. Meanwhile, more than one third of Nashville’s children live in poverty.

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Big Picture

Mar. 30, 2018—As he approaches retirement, Mark Lipsey says with a laugh that he has only had two jobs in his life. That may be due to his stumbling upon his calling early on. It also may have something to do with being in the right place at the right time. Either way, he set a course and never looked back.

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New Leaf

Mar. 30, 2018—When Andrew Finch earned his M.Ed. at Peabody in the mid-1990s, he knew he wanted to do something that would make a difference in the lives of young people. A certified school counselor and longtime champion of recovery high schools, he now serves as coordinator of the school counseling track in the master’s degree program in human development counseling at Peabody.

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All Inclusive

Mar. 30, 2018—The Susan Gray School at Peabody is the first nationally recognized inclusive preschool. One-third of the students at SGS have an intellectual or physical disability. The school provides a fertile training ground for a select cadre of graduate students in Peabody’s early childhood special education program, the Susan Gray fellows.

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Golden Reed

Mar. 30, 2018—Some people believe the life of a musician is that of a nomad, traveling the world and playing in all kinds of venues. However, James Berkenstock, BMus’64, is one who took root. At the end of June, he retired after 50 years playing bassoon with the Lyric Opera of Chicago—48 of those years as principal bassoonist.

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Research News – March 2018

Mar. 30, 2018—Learn more about Peabody research, including a study that focuses on Amazon children’s program Annedroids, a live-action show that introduces viewers to PAL, a human-like android, programmed by a child scientist named Anne to choose its own gender.

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Awards and Achievements – March 2018

Mar. 30, 2018—Read about the latest awards received by Peabody researcher, including Camilla P. Benbow and David Lubinski, who have been selected to receive The International Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR)’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Intelligence.

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Around the Mall – March 2018

Mar. 30, 2018—During finals week, students gathered on the Lawn at Wyatt for “Puppies, Profs and Pies,” a stress-busting event hosted by the Peabody Office of Professional Graduate Education. Learn more about this and other fun and meaningful activities that have taken place on campus recently.

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Tennessee’s Top Teacher: Cicely Woodard

Mar. 29, 2018—By Andrew Faught For students whose hearts race at the thought of coefficients and cube roots, look no further than Cicely Woodard. The mathematics teacher at Metro Nashville’s West End Middle School was named the 2017–18 Tennessee Teacher of the Year in September 2017 for her “outstanding communication and leadership skills.” The award was made...

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