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A Constellation of Talent

Posted in: Features, Issue, Winter 2016

Imagine a sky full of stars. Each gleaming light represents a bright young student. Now imagine one shines a bit brighter than the rest. What will become of this gifted child, who could be the next Albert Einstein, Marie Curie or W.E.B. Du Bois?

Double Duty

Posted in: Features, Winter 2016

There is new hope for students with learning difficulties who also have severe behavioral disorders. A $7.5 million grant has enabled Peabody’s special education researchers to equip teachers to manage academic needs as well as behavioral disorders.

Intensive Intervention

Posted in: Features, Winter 2016

For Joseph Lambert, developing the very best teaching standards in special education is not just a profession, it’s personal. After observing his own brother’s behavioral challenges, he pursued a life advocating for young people with autism.

Mind Reader

Posted in: Features, Summer 2015

Peabody is partnering with faculty across VU to understand how the brain works differently in those who have difficulty reading.

Inquiring Minds

Posted in: Features, Summer 2015

The School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt is a unique research-centered learning experience for MNPS high schoolers.

Enterprising Interns

Posted in: Features, Summer 2015

From finance to fashion, HOD students pursue unique internships of their own making. They’ve logged hours at Oscar de la Renta, CONAN, the World Food Programme, Deloitte, Neville McCarthy PR and Big Machine Label Group (home to Taylor Swift) to name a few.

The Peabody Spirit: Celebrating 100 years of innovation, advocacy and outreach

Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

Peabody College is celebrating 100 years on its current campus—a century of championing education for the for all children, including those marginalized by ability, socioeconomic status or race.

Opening Doors, Transforming Lives

Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

Fifty years after its formation, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s commitment to children remains.


Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

The Posse program celebrates 25 years.

USN marks 100 years

Posted in: Fall 2014, Features

When the Peabody Demonstration School was on the verge of closing, parents put up their own money to keep the doors open.