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Posted by on Friday, November 26, 2010 in Read About It, Winter 2010.

What Every 2nd Grade Teacher Needs to Know: About Setting Up and Running a Classroom (Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc., 2010) by Margaret Berry Wilson, MEd’93 and Andy Dousis. Wilson starts with a concise review of second graders’ common developmental characteristics and then shows how to adjust your classroom and your teaching to fit these common characteristics.

Doing Math in Morning Meeting: 150 Quick Activities that Connect to Your Curriculum (Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc., 2010) by Margaret Berry Wilson, MEd’93. The book provides 150 fun and engaging math activities suitable for kindergartners to fifth-graders and provides math-themed ideas for all four Morning Meeting components: greeting, group activity, sharing and morning message.

Performance Incentives: Their Growing Impact on American K-12 Education (Brookings Institution Press, 2009) edited by Matthew Springer, director of the National Center on Performance Incentives. The concept of “pay for performance” for public school teachers is once again growing in popularity and use. The book offers up-to-date and complete analysis of this promising—yet still controversial—mechanism.


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