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Peabody College Supporters 2008-2009

Posted by on Saturday, November 21, 2009 in Donor Report, Fall 2009.

Making a difference


Peabody College continues to produce great leaders and cutting-edge research thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents and friends. We are grateful to all of our donors for their commitment to Peabody, which was named the No. 1 graduate school of education in the United States by U.S.News & World Report.

Thanks to you, Peabody surpassed its original $60 million goal as part of Vanderbilt’s Shape the Future campaign and has now extended that goal to $75 million with an emphasis on need-based scholarships. Your generosity has allowed us to bring new faculty to Peabody, to recognize our current talented faculty, to support vital programs and research, and to provide scholarships for students who could not otherwise attend Peabody.

Our 2008-2009 Donor Roll recognizes our donors, reflecting gifts made to Peabody College between July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2009. Where known, alumni of Peabody College and Vanderbilt University are listed by their full name. Please contact LaQuita Williams at (615) 322-8500 or to let us know about any omissions or errors on this donor list or to request removal of your name from this and all future online donor rolls.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Founder’s Level

(Annual gifts of $25,000 and above)

Community Foundation/Middle Tennessee
Anne and John C. Doscas
Karen and Douglas M. Dunn
Debra and Thomas W. Erickson
Andrea E. Fayer
Cathy and J. Warren Gorrell Jr.
Patricia Ingram Hart and H. Rodes Hart
John Templeton Foundation
Sarah and James C. Kennedy
Courtney and John W. Madden
Rita and John P. Madden
Kelly and Steven H. Madden
Nashville Alliance for Public Education
Courtney and R. Scott Pastrick
J. E. Reeves Jr.
Cammie and John G. Rice
Mary Jo and Brian C. Rogers
Mary and William T. Schleyer
Julie C. Stadler and George B. Stadler
Anne Marie and Hans F. E. Wachtmeister
Lisa and Edward I. Weisiger Jr.

Chancellor’s Council

(Annual gifts of $10,000–$24,999)

Laurie and David J. Benjamin
Beth and Karl B. Canavan
Charles Kurz II
Dorothy J. Kurz
Frances and John O. Downing
Tricia Louise Everest
Mary K. and Thomas B. Finan
Joyce and Lee S. Neibart
Bonnie T. Leadbetter
Margaret L. McAllen
Frances and Paul D. Rubacha
Catherine Eaton Schwab
The George Frederick Jewett Foundation
Cynthia and Allan R. Williams


The Susan B. Riley Scholarship

“Let us be up and doing!”

For Peabody alumni who graduated between the ‘30s and ‘60s, Susan B. Riley was a fixture on campus. A professor of English, she was the first woman to chair an academic department outside of home economics or nursing and the first woman to serve as dean of the Graduate School at Peabody. A striking figure who taught full-time at Peabody from 1929 until her retirement in 1965, she has been described as regal, a demanding mentor, a fascinating lecturer and a fair and compassionate instructor.

Back in 2001, when the Reflector published an article on favorite professors, a number of alumni wrote about Professor Riley’s influence on them. “She made the words on a page come alive,” one alumna wrote. “Dr. Riley’s romance with words stays with me still.” She “wasted not a minute,” this alumna wrote. “Noting that we had much to cover in one short term, [she] added briskly, ‘So, let us be up and doing!’”

Professor Riley’s tenure at Peabody was long and productive. Her legacy is one that still reaches into classrooms: A Peabody alumnus endowed the Susan B. Riley Scholarship in her memory in 2006, allowing students like second-year student and Riley scholarship recipient Maggie Elizabeth Bowers, of Covington, Ky., to be influenced by instructors like Professor Riley—instructors who make lasting impressions and turn out exceptional teachers.
For more information about giving to Peabody and supporting scholarships, contact Kerry McCartney, associate dean for development and alumni relations, at (615) 322-8500. Make a gift to Peabody online.

Dean’s List

(Annual gifts of $5,000–$9,999)

Ann and Peter P. Appert
Alison and Norman Axelrod
Mrs. Thomas G. Barksdale
Sara and Michael David Bernstein
Barbara and Russell L. Brown
Campbell and Donald W. Burton
Jana and Brian Cogburn
Anne-Marie and Peter G. Embiricos
Teri and William T. Gimple
Iris and Frederick S. Green
Anneal and L. Cade Havard
Sarita and Robert Brooks Hixon
Kathryn and Jack L. Howard
Cynthia and G. Kent Kahle
Janet and Mark S. Landau
Louis Draughon Foundation
Lisa and Cary J. Malkin
Debra and James Kenneth Marston
Jane and Michael A. McLain
Jan and Rex V. McPherson II
Susan and Robert B. Mintz
Cheryl and Gerald T. Nichols
Eleanor and Charles D. Owen III
Margaret and William R. Pfeiffer
Kellye and William B. Pyle
Susan and Matthew Ross
Georgia Gwin Sewell and
Jerry Turner Sewell
Elizabeth and Rodney E. Slifer
United Way of Metro Nashville
Wendy S. Tucker and Jonathan F. Wing

Educator’s Circle

(Annual gifts of $2,500–$4,999)

Margaret and Antonio J. Almeida
Katherine and Thomas C. Alsup
Jane Rogers Bryan
Joan and James William Cocke
Cherrie Forte Farnette
Page and Henry Rodes Hart Jr.
Katherine and James P. Hickey
Robin and Arnold Roger Kerbis
Paula Johnson Martin
National Council-Teachers Of English
Jere and Alton W. Phillips Jr.
Hal Reed Ramer
Nora and D. Tate Rich
Emma and David Leon Robertson
Elizabeth and Michael J. Schoenfeld
Ellen and Charles E. Sheedy
Betsy and Stephen I. Silverman
Jacqueline and DeWitt C. Thompson
Antoinette and Gerrit Vreeland
Dudley and John W. White
Betsy and Stephen I. Silverman
Jacqueline and DeWitt C. Thompson
Antoinette and Gerrit Vreeland
Dudley and John W. White

The 2009 Roundtable Donor Society Dinner

The 2009 Roundtable Donor Society Dinner recognizing the generous support of those who provide annual gifts of $1,000 or more to Peabody was held October 1 in the Wyatt Center Rotunda as a prelude to Vanderbilt’s Family Weekend. The annual dinner honoring educators was a great success as it toasted Peabody’s No. 1 ranking as the best graduate school of education in the country. Ann P. Kaiser, holder of the Susan W. Gray Chair in Education and Human Development and professor of special education, was guest speaker for the event.

Bob Innes, Sharon Innes, Bill Peery, Katherine Peery, Kelly Madden and Steven Madden. The event was held in the Wyatt Center Rotunda (bottom photo).
Bob Innes, Sharon Innes, Bill Peery, Katherine Peery, Kelly Madden and Steven Madden. The event was held in the Wyatt Center Rotunda (bottom photo).
David Whitfield, April Whitfield, Rodes Hart Jr., Page Hart,  Patti Smallwood and Brian Smallwood
David Whitfield, April Whitfield, Rodes Hart Jr., Page Hart, Patti Smallwood and Brian Smallwood



(Annual gifts of $1,000–$2,499)

Graham Nelson Abell
Regina and Jonathan S. Adler
Olympia Ammon
Helen Clark Atkeson
Margaret J. Sieck and Robert H.B. Baldwin Jr.
Edith McBride Bass
Thomas Arthur Battan
John G. Beaton
Diane and Paul R. Becker
Camilla Benbow and David Lubinski
Lynn and Terry W. Bird
Makeba Williams Boatwright
Edward J. Boling
Brian Bowling
Stephanie and James P. Brakefield
Lisa K. Herrington and Timothy C. Caboni
Lisa Hooker Campbell and John P. Campbell III
Maymee and Harvey E. Cantrell
Caren and Arturo Constantiner
Reba and Estill Cornet
Sarah Keith Cutchins DeMoss
Robert Southgate Elam Sr.
Nicholas W. Emigholz
Kay and Dan A. English III
Donna and Jeffrey B. Eskind
Carolyn and William W. Featheringill
Shellye and Kevin Terrence Geshke
Suzanne and James D. Goudge
Ruby Stovall Hawkins
Betty and James Clark Hilliard
Dennis Wayne Hirsch
Ellen E. Hrabovsky
Maria Cheng Hsieh
Mary Lee and Granbery Jackson III
Virginia P. Johnson and
Richard L. Johnson
Ann and Clifford Stephen Jury
Carol and Curtis R. Kayem
Mary and David B. Kimerling
Sheila and Frank S. King Jr.
Hillary H. Ling
Anne and Leonard L. Long Jr.
GaBriella Castillo and Gerald J. Longa
Edward Ralph MacKay
Robert G. Manice and family
Anne and Richard Allen Maradik
Larrie Del and Joseph G. Martin
Sara and Allen Polk McDaniel
Suzanne Bigham McElwee
Ann Marie and Martin F. McNamara
Sally and William H. Meadows
Tina and Thomas M. Melo
Mark F. Mills
Denise and William Monteleone Jr.
Ives and Eddie P. Ort
Mary and M. Carr Payne Jr.
Lynn and Eugene B. Pennell
Marek M. Pienkowski and family
Nancy and Richard G. Rhoda
Terrie Leigh Rice
Margaret Louise Riegel
Delphine and Kenneth L. Roberts
Samuel Rothrock and family
Sarah and William H. Rowan Jr.
Susan and Ralph R. Russo
Patricia and Edwin S. Ryan Jr.
Leona Schauble
Mildred E. Scheel
Carolyn and Chester A. Schmidt
Elaina and J. Ronald Scott
Susan and Eugene B. Shanks
Sharon Lee Shields
Diana L. Shields
Jacqueline B. Shrago
Tonya and Lawrence David Singer
Lori and Harmon W. Skurnik
Patti and Brian Scott Smallwood
Sue and Paul R. Spellman
Beth and Joel Spenadel
Alice and Kenneth W. Starr
Cathy and William E. Turner
United Way of Williamson County
George Minister VanMeter
Susan and Eugene H. Vaughan Jr.
Sarah and Andrew Warner
Blanche and Lloyd C. Warr
Linda and William R. Welborn
Rhonda and J. Russell Welch
Kenneth Whitted
Irene and W. Ridley Wills II
Annick Margot Winokur
Ruth A. and Mark Wolery

Young Alumni Members

(For alumni out of school less than 10 years – $500 or more)

Elizabeth and Brooks Patrick Barge
Jennie and Michael T. Bucciero
Natalie Hill Hardee
Ruth Mayer Johnson
Elizabeth Brunner Kline
Charles Kurz III
Tracey and David Vincent Power Jr
Pamela Michelle Soberman
Lauren Wilson Young


(Annual gifts of $250–$999)

Judy and Donald E. Alford
Mary Lauren and Lawson C. Allen
Jo Anne Craig Anderson
Christopher A. Andreoff and family
Mary and Peter Charles Applebome
Vera Wiseman Archer
Nadene and John Milton Archield
Edward R. Atkinson Jr.
Nora and R. Timothy Axt
Jane and George William Baxter
Betty Grice Bibb
Lovetta R. Blanke
Diane Page Boes
Glen David Bowman
Leonard Bradley
Nancy and Jeffrey R. Brant
Holly and Gordon Lane Brewer
Cheryl and Theodore Ralph Brown
Mary Ann Brown
Eliza and Stuart Todd Brunson
Amy R. Burgess
Rebecca Robin Burgess
Jane and Thomas S. Burns
Georgia and W. Stanley Campbell
Beth and William Lynn Campbell
Kathleen and John S. Cantieri
Lisa Marie Carlson
Lynn and G. Edward Cassady III
Jean F. Casson
Patricia Ann Chamings
Diana and Andrew J. Claydon
Alice and Gillis Byrns Coleman
Betty Sue Cook
Gayle and William Richard Cooper
Lydia and Roger D. Fish
Catherine LaSala Crecion
Dorothy and Allan Sidney Curtis
Deborah Davies
Corbette Starr Doyle
George W. Duke
Anne Oser Edmunds
Joan White Ehlers
Thomas Morris Elmore
Elizabeth Arnold Epting
Kay and Frank Failla
Dale C. Farran
Jimmie Robinson Felder
Marie Christine Zufelt and
John Brian Fetherstonhaugh
Ruth and Jose C. Figueroa Jr.
Robert Louis Fischer
Bradley and Robert Fredric Fogelman II
Hannah Bonner Fowler
Shirley and James Francis
Laura and Jeremy Harmon Freeman
Ruth Ella French
Whitney Mason Fried
donor-1Anita and John Friedmann
Kathryn and William G. Fry
Janet and Walter J. Fuchs
Laurie and Steven P. Germansky
Debby and Richard E. Giss
Daniel R. Glasser
Lane P. Goldsmith
Mack Lewis Graves
Elizabeth and Daniel M. Gray
June and Wayne H. Griest
Patricia Keil Grimm
Katie and David Christopher Grosek
Nancy and Thomas Grote
Kimberly and Eric Albert Gustafson
Jerry W. Hale
Claudia W. Hamilton
Karen and Ryan W. Hanemann
Karen and Mathew J. Hanson
Stacey and Anthony Lee Harwell Jr.
Fred S. Hatchett
Mary and Edmund Healy
Ralph Edwin Helser
Lynita and Donald P. Hetzel
Anita and James R. Hicks
Peggy B. Hobbs
Clifford A. Hofwolt and family
Belle M. Holm
Renee and Gary M. Holt
Doris and William Loyd Hooper, Sr.
Rebecca Louise Huss-Keeler
Patricia and Howard W. Jones
Shelley and Matthew C. Jones
Ann P. Kaiser
Jane and Woodward A. Kay
Brian Timothy Kelly
Donald King
Morgan and Charles Yates King Jr.
James William Klenke
Gloria and Roger Dale Knight
Sandra G. Koczwara
Cathy and Steven Krieger
Marguerite and Brian Landry
Bennie Ray Lane
Eva-Lynn and Michael J. Langan
Warren Martin Larson
Debbie and Ronald J. Lazarov
Dr. John Willis Lea IV and
John Garland Leatherwood
Ralph G. Leverett
Amy and Robert C. Lewis
Conrad Gale Lucas II
Tami Machado
Nancy and John P. Marino
Rachel McCall
Lisa and Clayton S. McCarl
Lynne L. McFarland
Margarett and Sam S. McKeel
Donna B. McNamara
Patricia Castles Meadows
Julie James Meshri
Mary Ann Michael
Donna and Thomas M. Miller
Haroldine and Jack Willis Miller
Jayne Ann and Roberts Clay Milling II
Mary Evelyn Mitchell
Beverly I. Moran
Grace Eleanor Mowbray
Doris W. Mowrey
Joyce and Wallace J. Munden
Harold Douglas Murphy
Lisa and Roy E. Naturman
Kathryn and Henry S. Nelson
Mary Ottilie Nicholas
Jane K. Norris
Janis and Fletcher R. Norris
Robert McCrary Parish
Betty and Franklin Parker
Mr. Charles E. Parrish and
Sharon Bennett Pattillo
John Dwight Perry Jr.
Ann Phillips
John Plummer and Tim Kaltenbach
Lisa and Kenneth Maurice Pulce Jr.
Mary Suzanne Ratliff
Nancy and Charles F. Rice
Karen and John J. Rieser
Sal D. Rinella
Victoria J. Risko
Tracy Vaughn Robb
Laurie Anne and William D. Roberts
Beverly and Joe Tom Rodgers
Brooke and Courtney Gantt Rosen
Regina and Peter Rousos
Beverly and James Robert Russo
Charles Scanlon
Amy and Edmund Joseph Schmidt III
Rachel Huseman Schneider
N. Marshall Schools
Karen Napoli Schulz
Leslie and Mikhael Shor
David Lee Shores
Stephanie F. Silverman
Lavinia N. Smerconish
MaryAnn Smith
Susan Ward Stare
Amy and Jamie Stark
Inessa and Alex Svidler
Carol and Thomas D. Swepston
Carol G. Thigpin
Katherine Mitchell Tucker
Mary Katherine VanHooser Weck
Michael Andrew Verdone
Michael Patrick Ward
Elizabeth and Peter D. Washburn
Tommie and Earle Huddleston West
Philip Todd Westbrook
Carol Westlake
James Ray Whittington
Catherine and John Bruce Williams Jr.
Julie and Dudley D. Wooley
Carol and Richard K. Wray
Karen and Ronald W. Young
William Darell Zink

* Deceased


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