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Recent books by faculty

Posted by on Thursday, June 11, 2009 in Read About It, Spring 2009.

book-socialresearchLeonard Bickman (editor). (2008). The SAGE Handbook of Social Research Methods. Sage. 

Leonard Bickman & D. J. Rog. (2009). The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods. Sage. 

John M. Braxton. (2008). The
Role of the Classroom in College Student Persistence.

book-diverselearnersG. Cartledge, R. Gardner & Donna Y. Ford. (2008). Diverse Learners with Exceptionalities: Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom. Merrill Education. 

Doug Fuchs, Lynn Fuchs & S. Vaughn. (2008). Response to Intervention: A Framework for Reading Educators. Newark, Del.: International Reading Association. 

Ellen B. Goldring & Mark Berends. (2008). Leading with Data: Pathways to Improve Your School. Corwin Press.

James W. Guthrie, Patrick J. Schuermann & Matthew G. Springer. (2009). Strategic Leadership for 21st Century Schools. The Peabody College education leadership series. Allyn and Bacon.

Karen R. Harris, Steve Graham, L. Mason & B. Friedlander. (2008). Powerful Writing Strategies for All Students. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.

book-peerbuddyCarolyn Hughes & E. W. Carter. (2008). Peer Buddy Programs for Successful Secondary School Inclusion. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.

Kathleen L. Lane, J. Robertson Kalberg & H. M. Menzies. (2009). Developing Schoolwide Programs to Prevent and Manage Problem Behaviors A Step-by-step Approach. The Guilford Press. 

book-turningaroundJoseph Murphy & C. V. Meyers. (2008). Turning Around Failing Schools: Leadership Lessons from the Organizational Sciences. Corwin Press. 

John. J. Rieser. (2008). Blindness and Brain Plasticity in Navigation and Object Perception. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates/Taylor Francis Group. 

J. A. F. Bass, Victoria A. Risko, L. Elish-Piper, S. Dasinger & M.S. Matthews. (2008). A Declaration of Readers’ Rights: Renewing Our Commitment to Students. Pearson/Allyn and Bacon. 

J. DeFilippis & Susan Saegert. (2008). The Community Development Reader. Routledge.

book-towardpositiveyouthMarybeth Shinn & H. Yoshikawa. (2008). Toward Positive Youth Development: Transforming Schools and Community Programs. Oxford University Press. 

Matthew G. Springer. (2008). Performance Incentives: Their Growing Impact on American K-12 Education. Brookings Institute Press.

Mark Berends, Matthew G. Springer & H. J. Walberg. (2008). Charter School Outcomes. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


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