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Curriculum History

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Fall Term 1997

Charles Hambrick, Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus
“The Three Vehicles of Buddhism”

Harold Whiteman, Ph.D.
“Does the United Sates Have Foreign Policy: Eight Vital Specifics” – based on Great Decisions studies of the American Foreign Policy Association

Michael Hime, Lecturer in Music History and Technical Liaison, Blair School of Music
“How to Listen to Music”

Dewey Grantham, Professor of History, Emeritus
“From Truman to Reagan: Presidential Leadership in Recent American History”
(Because of illness, he engaged colleagues to present different lectures, as follows:)
Paul Conkin, Professor of History,
“Big Daddy of the Pedernales: Lyndon Baines Johnson”
Elizabeth Perry, Historian
“Could Eleanor Roosevelt Have Been President? Issues in Political Leadership for Women in the 20th Century”
Sam McSeveney, Professor of History, Emeritus,
“The Party is Over: Political Parties and Politics 1945-1997"
Cecelia Tichi, Professor of English
“Mt. Rushmore (Can You Name the Four?)"
Lewis Baldwin, Professor, Department of Religious Studies
“Civil Rights and Presidential Politics”
Bill Phillips, Chief of Staff, University Relations at Vanderbilt
“Leadership of a California Actor and a Texas Yankee: The Reagan and Bush Years"

Robert McNeilly, Member of Retirement Learning at Vanderbilt; Retired Banker
Tom Kanaday, Attorney
“How to Get It, Conserve It, and Keep It - For a While!”

Radio Shack
“What is Web TV? For Those Interested in the Internet, but Not the Whole Computer Scene”

Spring Term 1997

Rendigs Fels, Professor of Economics, Emeritus; John Seigfried, Professor (Economics and Sports); Stephen Buckles, Visiting Professor of Economics (Economics of Education); Mark A. Cohen, Assoc. Professor of Management (Economics of Saving High-Risk Youth)
“The Economics of Crime, Drugs, Education and Other Amusements”

The Rev. Beverly Asbury, University Chaplain, Emeritus
“Stories About God and Humanity’s Mythological Universe”

Jan Van Eys, M.D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus
“The Ethics of Genetics”

Rabbi Randall Falk
“Jews and Christian: A Troubled Family”

Marge McCormick Davis, Ph.D.
“From Stereotype to Archetype: Images of Mothers in the English Novel”

Fall Term 1996

Harold Whiteman, Ph.D., Retired President of Sweet Briar College
“Current Problems in U.S. Foreign Policy,” based on Great Decisions, 1996, American Foreign Policy Association

Mack Prichard, State Naturalist; Ruth Neff, Ph.D.; Janice Nolen, Executive Director, American Ling Association of Tennessee; Ann Tidwell, former member, Tenn. Water Quality Board; Alan Jones, Director, Tenn. Environmental Council; Cliff Russell, Ph.D., Director, Center of Resource and Environmental Policy, Vanderbilt University
“Tennessee Treasures/Trash: Who’s Minding Mother Nature’s Store?”

Howard Boorman, Professor of History, Emeritus 
“Traditional China: The First Twenty Centuries”

Tom Kanaday, Attorney
“Financial and Estate Planning”

Barbara Forbes and Staff, Dayani Center
“Thursday Wellness Journeys”

Spring Term 1996

Nelson Fuson, Professor Emeritus, Fisk University, and Mrs. Marian Fuson
“The Next 25 Years of Marriage can be the Best!”

Charles Delzell, Professor of History, Emeritus 
“World War II in Europe 1939-45: The Ordeal and Impact of Total War”

Charles Hambrick, Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus, College of Arts and Science
“World Religions Today”

John Van Wazer, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
“Sources and Uses of Energy”

Libby Zerfoss Fryer, Research Librarian
“A Grassroots History of Middle Tennessee”

Fall Term 1995

Paul Conkin, Professor of History
“American Originals: New American Varieties of Christianity”

Howard Boorman, Professor of History, Emeritus
“World War II in the Pacific”

Jan Van Eys, MD, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
“Moral Medicine: A View of Today’s Health Care”

Martha Overholser Hammonds, Ph.D.
“Beyond Cats: The Poetry of T.S. Eliot”

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