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"This program is a wonderful community asset.  The consistent engagement and excitement of OLLI students is irresistible for instructors."

Joel F. Harrington
Centennial Professor of History
Vanderbilt University 

"I think OLLI at Vanderbilt is one of the best programs in Nashville for people over age 50. I've enjoyed the opportunity to teach a few classes and look forward to the day, coming pretty soon, when I can take these classes myself. The topics are fascinating, the instructors are topnotch, and the students are engaged and inquisitive. It really strengthens our community to have an affordable program like OLLI."

Andrew Maraniss
Visiting Author - Vanderbilt Athletics
Vanderbilt University

"I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was an intellectually stimulating experience to teach students from a more experienced generation about music, various identity theories, and controversial subjects such as race and privilege. I learned a great deal from them, too!"

Erin Charles
Lecturer of Musical Arts/Teacher Education
Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music 

"The Osher classes are a highlight of my week! Coming together with this diverse and wonderful group of people is a true joy."

Mat Britain
OLLI Beginner Steel Drum Band

"I love the Osher Steel Band classes and the family atmosphere that has developed. We miss each other between sessions so we often get together for a pot-luck or meet at a restaurant. Friendship and music is a great combination!"

Alli Puglisi
OLLI Advanced Steel Drum Band

Interview with Norma Clippard
Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Vanderbilt  

Interview with Dr. Jan Van Eys
Former OLLI Instructor and Current OLLI Member

"The value of education, like health, is often appreciated more by those that don’t have it than those that do.  As a high school graduate, I wished that I had been able to attend college - feeling that I missed the learnings and the lifelong friendships.  OLLI at Vanderbilt presented me with an opportunity to learn and to gain friendships with others who value learning.  My experiences with OLLI have deepened my passion for learning while I built a community of friends with shared interests and unexpectedly allowed me to serve in leadership roles on the Advisory Board."

Kathy Garthwaite
Past President, OLLI at Vanderbilt Advisory Board